Yoyo Appraisal Thread

Control F search this thread, and you’ll see a couple evaluations around $300, Raws are the most desirable


To be fair, those were a BAC blasted YWET (1/~30) and a 4mm YWET (1/8), both very rare versions of it (especially the latter); the blasted was maybe a bit higher and the 4mm a bit lower than what I’d expect. A SLCK went for $500 over the summer but was overpaid by about $100 imo since it had a knick in the cup and not the OG side effects, though they were Anti-Yo side effects. SLCK’s prices are increased because they’re rarer, there’s only 25 of them made. A DRI went for $350 this past late spring and could maybe pull $400 at the high end; they’re rare but there’s 110 of them total that were made. 10 were originally made for Nationals one year and did not come w/ red engraved anti-yo side effects (blank silvers like the OG side effect YWET) along with a slightly different pouch. Whether someone thinks that makes it worth more or not it up to them. The other 100 came with the red side effects and the pouch pictured on the wiki page for the YWET.

A regular blue/orange w/ stock blank anti-yo side effects in mint condition with the pouch and CD could probably pull $300, but without those things the price would drop.

That’s not even getting into the 2008 YWETs with tapped axle instead of side effects. The re-finished and re-released versions that have come out recently are all worth substantially less than the side effect ones, though they’re still likely to pull around $150 or maybe more depending on the version.


The three yoyo’s I’m trying to sell, but don’t know what a reasonable price for are:

G2 Heroic Campaign, pink red fade, Minor pricks and scratches, no box, with Legendary ed Koozie.

Yoyoer wit Attitude Ether, paperchase edition, pricks and minor scratches, no box.

YoyoJam Theory, black with yellow caps, pricks and minor scratches, no box.

Please and thank you for the help!


This is kind of a weird one. Original Freehand AL. Not the current one.

Can’t find many examples out there.




These were actually manufactured in Japan and retailed around $115 in 2013. Since Freehand collecting is hot right now I see these 2013 ALs going North of $150 and maybe more at auction because the don’t come up to often.


WOAH. I wasnt expecting that price point. I paid 35 for mine. Jesus.

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Those prices seem pretty high to me but maybe that’s what collectors are paying. I was thinking around $60 before you said anything.


As one of the people who helped raise those prices on ebay for FHs, I’d happily pay 60.

Speaking of which. In them pms. Your AL would look good here



The price on these was always considered high even back when they released, thats why they only did that one run, the Japanese manufacturing is what elevated the cost, these were released after the initial Draupnirs when Japanese manufacturing was thought to be superior. They play around 70g with the caps and more like Zeros compared to the newer FH1AL. However they are really floaty with out the caps and have engravings in the bare cups.


Some older YYR throws. A Dreadnought and a Clash 2012 edition. I bought them a while back because I was craving some classic YYR. Now that I have my Stargazers I just don’t touch them.
They’re both in near perfect condition. Each have one or two pinpricks here and there.
Could use some input on what they’re worth.


I traded my underdog for a glass dust purple TI Peak. Then traded it back to the same fellow for a new kitchen knife. I like me some underdog.

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