Yoyo Appraisal Thread


You should sell it too me please.


It doesn’t really look like this thread is being used anymore, but I looove the idea of it. Should a new one be made since this one is crazy long?


Hmm not sure, but good point! This is pretty active even into 2017. Looks like it was hugely active in 2014 though, about 2000 of the posts are 2013-2014.

I’m a little bit down on “value this” since the value of anything depends on how much cold hard cash someone will actually pay for it… not a number we made up.

I do think it’d be useful to have a “what the heck is this yoyo, can anyone identify it” topic as well.


I 110% agree with you that ultimately appraisals are worthless if nobody will actually buy a thing at the proposed price point, but it’s nice to have a starting point and comforting to know that you’re not being completely ripped off (whether buying or selling).

The identify thread would be cool, but I won’t have any way to contribute to it since I’m such a newbie myself. haha


This is a tough topic since the current “etiquette” (if you can stretch far enough to call it that) is to ignore everyone who sends you an offer you don’t like rather than discussing price


Yeah, that happened in happened in both of my recent attempts to sell a yoyo via private message. I tried to haggle for, like, $5 extra and they just ghosted.


Probably the only reasonable value metric is how much something officially and typically sold for in an online store, at the time it was sold. To me that is the baseline.

(Samuel Yoder) #2648

Mint YYF Mighty Flea W/ pads and strings

I don’t play with it ever and don’t want it. It’s pretty much brand new besides the string on it is barely used. Have a pair of extra pads and 5 extra strings, I think it’s worth 65 dollars for the Yoyo alone

(Samuel Yoder) #2649

Just wondering what it’s worth right now, not selling or trading. Sorry


They dont make them anymore I would think you could get full price. I wouldn’t let mine go for less than a Franklin but that’s me.


how much does a non solid rebirth go for in mint condition?


Hi, how much would a MIB YYR Jealousy fetch? I’m trying to pass down my valuable yoyos to other collectors. Thank you!


I have a Frank’s Slide CLYW. I don’t even remember what model it is but it plays nice with a ceramic bearing. What price for it?

(LJ) #2654

That’s a Bear V Man. If it’s undamaged it’s probably worth ~$80.00.


Thanks for the info. Yes Bear V. Man. I forgot all about that one.


Hard to say. I haven’t seen any YYR collectors in a while, and even less older YYRs on any sort of BST.

Depending on the colorway I could see at least $120 to the right person, but realistically I’d imagine closer to $80 or so. That’s just the state of the second hand market at the moment.


Here’s a fun one. What about a mint original Chaz project with the red box?


I think that’s for the regular run ones. This is a Jealousy. One of the two holy grails of YYR (Third Impact being the other one) that were only produced for prototyping and did not see the light of production. :wink:


What should a mint Castle go for?


Minimum, what it originally retailed for. I think that’d be the starting point.