Yoyo Appraisal Thread


How about a complete set of Kuhn celtic mandala’s?photo P1000442_zpsubcpubsq.jpg


Those are really nice! Over the years I’ve sold a few individually for around $150 a piece.


How much would a mint/nm black skyline and a black 888x be?


888s hold value pretty well, particularly if they are special editions! I’d try to start with original retail price.


Thanks for the response!


This is true for most 888s, but the 888x was fairly universally not liked as much as any other 888. I’ve bought 3 or 4 in the past and didn’t pay a dime over $40. I paid $20 for one of them once.

So I don’t see you getting anywhere close to retail.

Skylines only held their value if it was a Starry Night edition, other than that the market is (or at least was) pretty saturated with them.

For the most part, YYFs (moreso than a lot of other brands) lose a lot of value once you drive them off the lot.

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I agree with @LinksLegionaire’s assessment on the 888x.

Starry night, starry midnight and both white and yellow rim dipped also have collectors value.


I knew that there were two ‘Starry’ editions but I couldn’t remember the name of the other ones.

It might be worth mentioning that the rim-dipped Skylines tended to be valued more the ‘better’ the dip was. That’s what I noticed, anyways. I think it was part of the reason the rim-dipped Genesis was never highly-sought after.

I can’t find a picture of a Genesis, but they edge between the rim color and the base color tended to not be very clean. Even on this Skyline you can see some ‘waviness’ at the color interface.


So the take away from the above is, the fewer made, the more the collector’s value. Anything made in identical large quantities isn’t going to be great for collecting later.

You want special editions and limited releases.

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Mint in package DV8. Any thoughts on value for this? They never come up for sale. @mrciurleo?


Even I can’t hate on this one! It is the original original!

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Lol. I thought about you when I posted it!


Looks great! Yeah, these never come up for sale. I recall the last few of these selling around $75 but I imagine you could pull more for it being perfect in the package.

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Hard to find info on what these are worth.
I have a turning point self titled. Couple light spots in ano. Then a 4xl with the spacers to use one center hearing. Has light marks.


Anyone know what the value of a MWB Purple Dust Evora would be? It’s the full ti one.

Also, Hspin Envy 64, a couple dings

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Mint yoyofactory Titanium dream.


What about a 2009 Montage 888. Never out of the package. Just as if you bought it today.photo ibJkvUnaTz6wF9kiZtpvJw_zpsil0nmq0z.jpg


I get the impression only the 2007s are really valuable.


I don’t know. A 2009 Steve Brown was made with the 2007 tooling. I would say at least that one would be as valuable as a 2007. Only way to see what the market will bear is to auction it I guess.


A rare bird indeed. Mint in the package red with yellow side caps OG Freehand.photo sMLRciSo6fMS9F9AQ6hw_zps9ywnut0j.jpg