Yoyo Appraisal Thread


The OG Freehand could be approaching priceless to few Fiends out there.


I hope so. :grinning:


I’ve got a pink one that says for the lady’s.


Like to see that one. Never seen one of those.

(LJ) #2685

That’s a zero though correct?


@vegabomb @hotei first to Vega,I don’t know it’s in a drawer. Second to Hotei will post pics after work so we’ll all know!!




New in box? Oh my God man, you have the holy grail


Thanks, I really liked them and bought a few in rare colors but sold off some years ago. This is the only one I kept. I think I sold a blue one which I wish I had kept.

(Patrick Speer) #2690

whats this bad boy worth? I believe its a TP leviathan 1


What are Theodores going for these days?


One banana, apparently!