Yoyo Appraisal Thread


The OG Freehand could be approaching priceless to few Fiends out there.

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I hope so. :grinning:

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I’ve got a pink one that says for the lady’s.


Like to see that one. Never seen one of those.

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(LJ) #2685

That’s a zero though correct?

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@vegabomb @hotei first to Vega,I don’t know it’s in a drawer. Second to Hotei will post pics after work so we’ll all know!!



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New in box? Oh my God man, you have the holy grail

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Thanks, I really liked them and bought a few in rare colors but sold off some years ago. This is the only one I kept. I think I sold a blue one which I wish I had kept.

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(Patrick Speer) #2690

whats this bad boy worth? I believe its a TP leviathan 1


What are Theodores going for these days?


One banana, apparently!


Just got this in a trade. Mint body G2 AL7 banshee '18 in light blue with the bomber engraving. Has very slight nail vibe. Just curious what these are worth in case I decide to swap it.

Also curious, how much does a slight nail vibe typically devalue a yoyo like this if there’s no related damage? I’m assuming it was probably a b-grade for this.


You can tell if G2’s are b grades by the “glitch” mark inside by the bearing. A little mark made by a drill.

“Usually” banshee vibe can be tuned out. In my experiences at least.

The bomber al7s are a special edition. Should be able to get at least $100.

(Jeffrey gibson) #2695

I have a few yo-yos that I’m curious to know what they’re worth.

Hspin pyro #73 1 small ding.
Any air rider mint
Hspin good and evil 2 #675 mint
Spyy raidian mini/ near mint.
Oxy IV The actual yo-yo is meant but it does need new little micro O-rings. I’ve rarely thrown And the rubber rings just sort of dissolved sitting around.

I have many more throws from this era.


(Patrick Dressel) #2696

Those are some awesome throws dude. That oxy4 is a throwback to me.

(Jeffrey gibson) #2697

I started yoyoing in about 2003 so I have a lot of these. Back then, there was only one new metal yoyo each month so it was easier to keep up with. You had to pre order if you wanted one because they would always sell out right away. They made them in small batches of 100 - 200 and if you didn’t preorder, you were screwed because most of the time there wouldn’t be a 2nd run.

(Jeffrey gibson) #2698

Here are some more oldies.

2 Yoyo factories of their first non limited metal yo-yos. A limited Yoyo from buzz=on, a custom Lynn fury, and an element x later model. I sure do miss buzz-on, he had some killer plastic creations.




Just a month or so ago there were a lot of packaged Free Hand 1’s on eBay. I think on the high side they went for $55. Kick myself I didn’t see them when they were up.

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