Yoyo Appraisal Thread


I think blue/black were only BA engraved, so yeah, I agree with ~$100.


for the chief I would not go above 120 the Tondo of B!st is a very particular, rare and sought after yoyo ... mainly here in Italy, today I think it is very unpopular, it is a great style of excitement, you should find the amateur ... I have it I would not spend more than 90-100
(the fact that it is a prototype does not change things, it is probably more a pre-production)


mint I would say 200 - 250$


I’ve got a Final Run of the original CLYW Peak. It’s the Adam Brewster colorway, and appears to be in mint condition. What’s the going price for one of these gems?


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If I remember correctly, the AB Peaks were some of the least desirable back in the day. I remember them being sold at lower prices than other colors, at least.

Still, it’s a mint Peak. I can see it fetching at least $150. Probably closer to $200, though.


I purchased these on Ebay, with the thought to do a half swap and sell the extra. I know this is an appraisal thread, but I hope you don’t mind my tapping into the expertise here. Also, sorry for the crappy Surface pic.

Is the one on the left older, and that’s why the box is different? Also, for some reason the one on the right came with a Downbeat sticker…?

The Clear one has the brass SE installed.

Last, the OD site says MMCs are bead blasted, but the black one looks like it might be Pyrramatte. Did OD switch over to pyrramatte on these?



Can’t find a picture of this yoyo with this colorway anywhere online. It is in perfect condition and I’m the second owner. I got it cheap. I think. Less than $40 for a bi metal that plays this good and smooth was a good deal to me. Only pricing I can find is around $70+/- with one solid color. Anyone know what colorway this is and what it’s worth? Don’t plan on selling it unless it is worth enough to get a yoyofactory edge 1.5. Maybe I’ll get lucky? Probably not but that’s fine too. Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your knowledge.

(Choncworth) #2628

Left box is older. Sometimes they throw in random stickers.
As for finish… I don’t know. Think bead was their older finish.


I don’t think the black one is pyramatte. It just doesn’t have quite as aggressive a bead blast. Thanks!

I did do the half swap, and it looks great!


What would be the price of a second run purple qv5000 with one small mark and a little vibe?


Maybe like 60ish or 70ish?


Recently came across a Project Two raw Proto and a 2011 UK Nationals Colorway Code 1. They both have a couple of dings. I’m not considering selling at this point, but I am curious about value. Thanks in advance.


MIB CLYW Advance Scout in the 1 of 14 solid pink color?


hello, the one in the picture is not a proto of Project Two, is a simple serial yoyo to which the anodization has been removed.
the prototypes of this model were anodized in gray and had the distinction of having the word Two crossed, here is the picture …


AFAIK the ‘Advance’ Scouts aren’t more valuable than the regular production runs. I have a black Advance Scout myself and I don’t think I could get more than $70 for it.


Anybody know what a G2 Case File 002 is worth? I’m assuming Mint.

Also a NIB MMC. It’s a Black and Clear Swap, if that makes a difference. I say new. I did test it after swapping, to make sure it was smooth.


I’ve seen mint 001s go for 65-75 before so I would assume the same ish for the 002.


What is a mint G2 Big Bang Triton with box and extras worth? I’ve had mine since its release, but I think it’s time for it to find a new home.


Looking for a rough value for a prototype general yo KLR 1 of 5-10 (can’t remember) as well as a string theory yoyo remnant (almost 10 years old)


Thinking about letting go of my G2 warpath splash wolf, it has a few scratches but it’s an A grade with the box and accessories it came with. I’m just not sure what i should ask for it, any help would be appreciated.