Yoyo Appraisal Thread


Around 100, prolly


It’s way more than that, maybe closer to 250 or 300 actually, especially since it’s mint and the Adventure edition.



No, the mint Ti-shutter with vibe is realistically about 175 -200. No one’s going to pay $300 for one unless they are buying new from a store


Bape 2 – I would guess $50 since it’s beat up

Lio – $60

Advanced Scout – $70


I have a mint Monkeyfinger Evil Yo. It’s the YYE edition. I never see them on the bst so I’m not really sure if it’s that rare or not. One of the best looking throws in my collection though. If you guys have any idea what it’s worth I’d love to hear! Here’s a pic.


2014 MIB Benchmark O by OD, in the evolving pathogen color way


Near mint but dead smooth Ash Berry Summit? a few dings, unnoticeable


$65 - $75 would be my opinion


Does anyone know the value of just a MWB sky walker if u can’t get the value of it


$100 is fine. It depends on the color. I got one for ~$80 a few months ago.



How much are FG Gold Nugget Peaks going for?


what do the following two yoyos go for these days?

  • CLYW Chief 7075 Hulk Smash
  • Luftverk Evora Purple First Batch Ti

Both are mint in box.


Chief – $100
Evora – $200

This would be my guess based on what I’ve seen others being sold for. The right person might pay more


Here’s an old one for you guys:

YoYoJame Brent Dellinger SpinMaster III?

Never seen one on the BST before


Mint YYF Adventure Edition Titanium Shutter


What’s the Adventure Edition? If it’s the same design as the regular Ti Shutter, I’d put it around $200. Despite being a ‘special edition’.

Anyone knows what Tondos are going for? Or how many were made? Haha


Man this thread has died a bit.

Price check on a mint nickel Chief and prototype Tondo?


Mint in box black and blue hatrick and mint in box black and purple ministar.


Depends on the engraving of the Hatrick, but I’d say somewhere around $100 give or take $10. The Ministar is a bit less desirable nowadays, so I’d put that around $60