Yoyo Appraisal Thread


I can get a new one on ebay for 57$ free shipping. So probably 40 bucks. Jmtc

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Ok, thanks! Haven’t tried one but I am thinking about getting one

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How much can you expect from the hyyper dragon line nowadays, mint, if you can find any?


Oh Ive got a few…

How about my all titanium original Anti-Yo BSP?


Just checking on the values of these suckers…I’ll add my opinion…

1/15? 7075 Saskatoon Bilzzard Chief MIB ~$150-170, Would only trade for 2 Mint Confetti Clyws, $200-250 cash. Yes I overvalue my shizzz

MIB Confetti AC2 $110-120?

MIB Delerium Drive AC2 (black w gold and pink splashes idk colorway might be wrong) $110-120, trade for Confetti CLYW

MIB Wooly Marmot 2: Northern Lights (black w greenish fog) again sorry if incorrect colorway. $100-110 trade for Confetti clyw

FG Arctic Circle 1: Ash Berry A Grade in Smoothness 2 small marks no box. $75? I would trade for beat Confetti or add smth else for a mint

Also I have been out of the game, I want to know what a Draupnir is worth now a days, I’m thinking if I added a MWB Ape X to either one of my AC2s or Marmot 2 I could find an anoed one basocally mint?

Edit Both FG AC1 & AC2 are actually Jack Rabbit Colorway my mistake


I think some of those values are a tad bit high. A few years ago those would have been spot on, but the only CLYW that still sell for more than retail are really just the first few models (Peaks, rare WM1s, rare Bassalopes, rare BvMs, etc.) and even those don’t go for as high as they used to.


What’s the condition? And do you have the original DocPop bag? Feel free to send me a message on AntiYo’s. Been buying them the past few years and have a number of rare one’s. Can give you an idea on price.


Hi everyone, I’m willing to know the current value of a Duncan Cold Fusion all black in its tin in almost mint condition! Any thoughts?

added later:
I’m interested to know the current value of a Duncan Cold Fusion all black, no marks with the tin and all the respective components (pins, glove…)! Thanks


Thank you sir been out of the game for a few years, makes sense.

I see a WM2 same color way as me on BST asking for $175, nothing against the seller, he has the right to post whatever price he or she wants to without any explanation, just curious.

So the trend like my AC2s and stuff like that I hear is unless it’s rare, sought after color way or smth it’s basically going to go for a hundo MWB(give or take $10)?

So my 7075 Saskatoon Blizzard Chief would sit for a bit priced at $150?

Also FG AC1 is Jack Rabbit, 66.4gram version 2 scuffs. Dead Smooth. I know the solid or not as popular colors are less but for Jack Rabbit am I wrong thinking $75 is reasonable (no box so $70 for you anal people lol) Is jackrabbit still someone trendy of a color way?

Also a couple more

ApeX: Green w Purple and White Splash no damage but I’ll say NMWB

Rockefeller : Icy Blue 2 Pinpricks

This weird Black w Rainbow Spiral going in toward the insides: H Shape, 2 Steps, some weird bullhorn logo, several small scuffs on rims, cool color way though

Idk name bare w me can take pic…

Half Red Half Black Gold Spackles on both halves. Mid/Full Size (55-56mm diameter) Very Elegant V Shape, hardly any rim weight, flat circle at nipple part of cups, C Bearing Silicone Pads, ahhh I’ll just take a pic if this is too hard.

Traded to me as Mint to be safe I’ll say VNM in case a pinprick I missed.



What is Walter going for lately? In decent shape or mint…

…Also, a smooth… green… FG Tundra? Like new in the box with card, patch, etc



Walters are all over, decent shape, $200-300. That’s pretty much the general price, I’ve been offered $275 for my black one, has a few decent dings and some scratches. My Blue one I’ve been offered $500 for, and it’s been played a lot, not beat, just well played. But I’ve seen them sell for $195 mint also. Just depends on the person that is selling.

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Have a green gnarwhal with very minor damage, just a few pinpricks. I believe its 1st run, been out of the yoyo world for a while. Any idea of the price or anything else you may need to help me with the price?


Yyf ti dream couple of dings some vibe


The last one I saw on the bst in similar condition I think he was asking like 115.


Here’s one I’ve only ever seen for sale TWICE.

FG Black with black splash Canvas. I’m pretty sure of the few that were made, they all turned out to be Fool’s Gold, though I may be wrong.


Is there any way you could post a picture of what they look like?


Ti Shutter, yoyofactory adventure ed. Mint, but some vibe.


I just ordered a my first sky walker it is a 1/1 half black half yellow for Jesse I got it for 100 bucks good deal?


Mint in box with little foam cube onedrop benchmark O 2014 in the evolving pathogen (aka doctor b) colorway

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I am asking about these 3 for my buddy, so I will give you what he told me about them for your valuation:

The three are a sanded rims Bape 2, ILYY Liopleuriden, and an Advance Scout
Even though the Bape 2 is in rough shape, it still plays great and would be a great intro to Anti-yo for someone, so I’m just not sure what to price it at
The ILYY plays phenomenally, but has some marks that appear to be from a counterweight, and the advance scout I got in a trade and has a few nicks in it