Yoyo Appraisal Thread


$75 - $85 is my best estimation.


MIB Pink CLYW Advance Scout? It was 1 of 14 if I remember correctly. Not sure if I want to get rid of it yet or not but I haven’t had the time to throw much in a while and I need some money for something else at the moment.


Jack rabbit summit with dings


Orange turning point paranoid? Please and thanks


Looking on some price help for these three throws I’m interested in.

iYoyo Steel, Galaxy Colorway, good condition

Draupnir, any color, mint

Titanium, any condition, but must be full size. Basically, what could I get for $100 if anything.


$60 for Steel, $160-$250 for Draupnir depending on color and run. If you’re lucky you might find a raw draup(smaller gap) for a little less, maybe $140-$150.

You likely won’t find any Ti’s for $100 unless it’s a B-grade, a Ricochet, or is vibey/heavily sparked. I have seen Tis in good condition for $100 before but you won’t come across those often


YoyoGeezer has a TiMe for $125 in the BST, ATM…


Mint OD Burnside?

I have a general idea but they don’t really show up much so not too sure exactly.


Ok guys, looking for a quote on the Sakura SE, One Drop / ILYY colab yoyo, in light dusk colorway (black/silver wash with gold splash. One of 25 in that color out of 200 production run). Near mint condition, played just a few times with no vibe or damage.

(Q) #2570

Here’s a fun one. This yoyo was given to me after I got scammed out of an ILYY Fury on a different yoyo forum. Like way back in the day. Anyway, I called the scammer out, and he said he’d make it right, and this is what he sent me. Long story short, I don’t have a clue what it is and want help.


That’s a gruntbull orbis. No idea on what it’s worth.

(LJ) #2572

Correct that that is a gruntbull orbis. Also no idea of its worth. Not a great playing yoyo as I remember.

(Q) #2573

Can confirm. It’s butt.


Axis Pulsefire Bubblegum no engravings (2) small ano scratches smooth
Basecamp Expedtion Green (1) Pinprick on rim butter smooth
C3 Accelerator Blue (1) rim scuff butter smooth
YYF TOO Hot Purple w/Light Purple Speckles MINT smooth
YYF Cypher Silver w/Red Splash NEAR MINT 9/10 smoothness
YYF CZM8 (CzechMate) Pink MIB butter smooth
YYF Replay Pro Black&Pink Edition MIB 8/10 smoothness
YYJ New Breed Lime Green scratches sanded rims 7/10 smoothness vibe
YYJ Fever Red scratches sanded rims 6/10 smoothness vibe
YYJ BigYo! Orange Beater plays great n stuff




Dude, I kinda want it haha


Honestly looks pretty cool! Not sure what it is…


Looking for a price for:

  1. CLYW Bear vs Man 2 in electric bacon. A few scuffs/ano breaks and some ano discoloration in the yellow portion. Dead smooth.

2)2sick Knight red with black. A couple tiny scuffs. Rims are a little scratched but probably easily polished. Slight vibe.


$80 for Knight

(yoyobro!) #2580

What would a near mint OD Cabal be worth?