Yoyo Appraisal Thread


That is tempting, Gator Floss was some of the best string around… but I think I will have to pass.

Besides, the Space Bat wouldn’t fit well with the rest of your collection. It isn’t nickel plated. ;D


I miss gator floss and ham string.


I have many non-nickel OneDrops… ;D

Ok, I’ll up the offer to two strings of each color, plus one yellow HamString. See, the appraised value is already going up!



I think I will still have to pass. About the only way you would get my Space Bat is if you convinced Paul to bring back Gator Floss so that I could buy my own whenever I need it. :slight_smile:


Depends on your definition. A synonym would be ‘obsolete’, which obviously they aren’t because they’re still fully capable of performing a number of tricks. Though in a competitive setting, most would say they’re a bit out of date - the same goes for your M1. Not to say it isn’t a real beaut, because it is. But play-wise, it’s not quite on par with, say, a Draupnir :wink:

I’m a bit rusty with prices at the moment, but like any older collectable model, it really depends on the buyer. I’d probably put the median price around $80, though. But I’m sure it’s much more valuable to you.


Competitive play is such a small portion of the community though. How many players actually compete versus those that just throw for the fun of it? IF we only judge on competitive performance we are going to miss out on some great models, past and present, that are not designed with competitive play in mind.

I compare cars and yo-yos quite a bit so, using your criteria, my car would be “obsolete” or “out of date” because it is not able to compete on a Nascar track. I would call them classics instead, like comparing a 1967 Shelby GT500 against a 2017 Shelby GT350R. Sure, the newer model is going to be quicker with more modern amenities but the '67 is going to have a feel that you just cannot get today. The M1, Peak, etc fall in that latter category with a feel you just don’t get anymore and are still quite fun to throw. :slight_smile:

(Patrick Dressel) #2547

Mint first run wooly marmot. no damage only played. stock vibe.


Hi! Due to my really long break from throwing I am not able to determine the value of my yoyos set. I am thinking about fresh start selling all my throws, but I don’t want to get ripped off so I hope you will help me!

From the top left:

  1. Crucial Heavy Cream purple splash with BC bearing. Condition- MINT

  2. Grind machine 44 Clash 14.09.2008 date printed on it with neon green hubstacks. Currently with no bearing or axle.
    Condidion- some dings and scratches

  3. One Drop Nickle Dingo with original 10 ball flat bearing. Condition - MINT

  4. YYF MVP Cherry edition with Ceramic KK bearing. Condition - MINT

  5. Crucial Half and Half with Center Trac bearing. Condition - minor scratches of sides. Rest of the throw perfect. Playing smooth, when tuned well.

  6. Crucial Milk 2% with original BC bearing. Condition - same as H&H

  7. ILYY Noctu Candy Blasted with original ILYY flat bearing. Condition - one small production mark on anodizing smaller than needle tip. Redt of the throw MINT

  8. ILYY E1NS with original ILYY flat bearing. Condition - MINT

  9. YYF 888 all black with Center Trac bearing. Condition - one ding, some scratches, pretty good condition.

  10. YYF Protostar with Center Trac. Condition - good

  11. Fireball, but it is priceless for me

  12. YYF Genesis with V shaped bearing. Condition - dinged and scratched like F


I hope this is the right spot. I recently saw a Flores yoyo in a store and I am wondering if it is reproduction or real.

Thanks for your help!


I have a One Drop Citizen that is somewhere between Mint and Near Mint condition and I am thinking of selling it, does anybody know how much it might sell for on the Buy/Sell/Trade?


It is a rare-ish throw and a titanium, but it is newer. If it is mint with all the packaging, I would say start at the retail price and go from there.


I have a Aceyo kuyostar. It has one sing on it. How much is it worth


Mint Christmas accelerator
Near mint minute
Beat half yogi half 65g gold nugget chief
Mint purple violet and white gambit
Small pinpricks here and there purple and black vitality (1/4 I think)
B-grade kys blue and white lithium
mint gblack and gold graffiti


How much is a mint canvas worth these days?


Greatly depends on edition and condition.


One Drop Cascade, Vilmos Zoltan Kiss Edition.
I would say mint but there is a hairline scratch that is difficult to find so I’ll say near mint to be safe.
I also have the box if that makes a difference. Any ideas?


^^ $75 on the Cascade ^^ maybe a touch more to the right person



What are these Sebby Peaks going for now a days… Mint with the box!

It’s my last Peak and thinking about parting with it :-[


I got $275 out of mine.


MIB 2014 Ash Berry CLYW Sasquatch?