Yoyo Appraisal Thread


Black Hideyoshi? Mint with box


OD Rally, Red with Blue metal rings, MIB (box a little damaged)


How about a Milk 2%. As for condition, I would say used



Milks are still sought after, so I think for a used slightly beat one you might still be able to get $40. If it’s used like new, I think you could get closer to $60.


Well I tried to dye it a long time ago and the axle love and threads got rusted. Also it has a pretty good amount of vibe. Cosmetically it’s fine though



I’d say about $15 then


Before you read any further… this yo-yo is NOT for sale. I am just curious what people value it at. Again, this is not for sale.

Mint SpaceBat M1 with box.


Space Bat M-1

I’d say $60. Maybe $75 to the right person. I know it’s a limited edition and all, but I haven’t seen anyone looking for collectable M1s

(Big D) #2529

One of my favorite color ways of all time. If you ever do decide to part with it let me know.


I’m terrible at yoyo appraising but my vote would be more towards the $75 price tag on the space bat, they don’t come around often.


Mint masamune with the tinyest amount of vibe


I’d say 80 easy, and an affogato at 100 easy. I love m1’s , they should bring it back.


Agreed on another run of m1’s! Pretty much jump started the wave of affordable metals. Would love a nickel one.


It’s responses like these that support why this thread needs to be shut down. Most ‘appraisals’ here are unwarranted BST lookups for yoyos still in stock here on YYE. And when a really nice piece like this M1 pops up, unqualified ‘appraisers’ bury its value.

This M1 is easily worth $120. How do I know that? Because I’m a collector, and although I’m not even looking for this specific yoyo, I’d happily pay $120 for it. So for someone who’s actually looking for this, it’s obviously going to be worth more than $120.

I’d love to leave you with a constructive idea, like to maybe do a little research before you post in this thread, but it’s useless to the swarm of newcomers who want to take part. Sorry if this comes off as pessimistic, but this thread really doesn’t fit in on these forums. It’s counterproductive to the large number of collectors who are trying to enjoy the history of the sport.

:-\ Maybe it’s time to put this thread to rest?


I’m not a newbie, and I would consider myself an amatuer collector, but I’m obviously not in your league of expertise. It was just my opinion. Obviously I was wrong considering you yourself would pay $120. There’s no need to react like I insulted a family member, and There’s no need to put this thread to rest. Instead, why don’t you make a new thread and call it LEDGERYOYO’s yoyo appraisal thread. Then you, and you alone, can make yoyo appraisals. You could be the sole arbiter of what a yoyo is worth.

I’ve been buying a lot of yoyos lately, and I’ve seen your BST thread often. I may have even bought a yoyo from you in the past, I don’t remember, but since you’ve basically called me out as a “Dufus” for being “counterproductive to yoyo collectors enjoyment of the history of the sport” (I didn’t even realize I had that kind of power), you can know that I will never buy a yoyo from you in the future.

edit: Looks like I did buy a yoyo from you in the past and gave you great feedback and you didn’t even have the courtesy to give feedback in return. Maybe you were too busy enjoying the history of this sport.


let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who, thIs is a happy thread and my very special guest here today.
That being said throws are what someone well pay for them, I once got a Fluchs for a pair of Takeshi modded fhzs, that was around sixty bucks for those fhzs, so when I had the chance to get another Fluchs,I offered the guy sixty bucks and he was not amused but I had no other history to base my offer except what I had done in the past. You offer and you learn and sometimes you get throws for cheep. Jmho.


I’ve sold a fluchs on eBay for 65 dollars and eetsit for 60.

So, agreed with Grendel. I bought a freehand 1 for 50 and 2 weeks later a guy bought it for 120.

Value of yoyos really do fluctuate a lot based on who’s buying. All in all I feel like this thread does help more than it hurts.


So, you are now the Lord God King of yo-yo appraisal now?

Curious; how do you get that job? Do you consistently pay inordinate amounts of money for junk throws?

Your response is totally out of line. You have no right to claim any sort of superiority on appraisals. This person gave their opinion. That opinion is based on their experience - just as your opinion is based on yours. Just because YOU would pay more, does not make it “worth” that amount. It only means YOU will pay that much one time, for one throw. Will anyone else pay that much? Doubt it.

Projecting your opinions as those of others is just hubris.

I would not give you $20 for that outdated model Mr. “Yo-yo collector”; whatever that means…


You say his response is totally out of line yet you take some pot shots at the yoyo in question and lowball it at that. You say it is one person’s opinion and then foist you own opinion on the masses as well, like you are the “expert”. What hubris is that?

Sorry to everyone else who had to be a part of the drama, I was just curious what the Bat was going for. This “outdated” model is one of my prized pieces in my collection. I find it amusing that the M1 is being called an outdated model, are the Peak and the No Jive outdated? For that matter, what is an “outdated model”? You know what I call an older yoyo that is still fun as heck to play? A yoyo.


I’ll trade you a custom three pack (one yellow string, one green string, and one pink string) of Gator Floss for the Space Bat.