Yoyo Appraisal Thread


Mint 44 special?



I would put the normal yyj proto around 30 and the dm proto around 70 since it has a lot of hype but it’ll be a hard sell. mercury will probly see 20 and finch around 40.

Dale Bell Edition Night Moves (Hot Rod Pogs) - $30 depending on color and cracks like all yyj
Phat Boy (Yellow)-$15
Cold Fusion (no can)-Depends on duncan or proyo but somewhere around 50
Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket (purple)-$20
Superyo Renegade (orange splash)-$15
Yoyoguy Sector Y Glow in the dark-not familiar with this guy
Yoyojam Spin Faktor 2 (Black on red)-$15
Yoyojam Patriot (white)-$10
Infinite Illusions Edition Eclipse (with all rings)-$25
Russell 2001 Worlds Edition-Not sure

The buzzons always pull between 20 and 30. Chopshop is gonna be on the highside for sure. Blaze would be around 15 though.

Vk Slusny-Mint with box. Blue-$80
Mvp Paul Kerbel Edition-Mint with box-$40
Monster John Chow edition, Blue splash-Mint with box-$50 (iffy on this guy)
Too hot-Blue with black speckle-Mint with box-$35
Shutter-Rim polished. Dead smooth. Has box-$35
Horizon-Galaxy-Mint with tube-$40

Rebelloin Acro-Mint with box-Red-$40

Onedrop sakura.se-light dusk-Mint with pouch-$50

Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper Mk-II-Green-Mint with box. Has a slight vibe. Pogs have been removed.-$110

Clyw Fg Bonfire-Matsuuri-mint-Has box-$70
Og Gnarwhal-Green-Mint with box-$70

Just my assumptions on prices


Hey all. I have some things I need help appraising.

yyf 888 stealth
a yyf 888 2008 edition
radian mk3
buzz on Cnote,
YYJ Kos extreme
dark magic
xconvict silver screen

What are these three worth? Price checking mainly for the yyf stealth. All of these are on my for sale thread. Need pricing on them so I can get a general idea on pricing for trades or selling. I’ve been so far removed from yoyo’s for the last 7 years that I don’t even remember what I got these for.


Condition is everything since it can affect a cut in price of 70% but I’ll assume they’re mint:

yyf 888 stealth-$80-$120
a yyf 888 2008 edition-$50-$80 for a normal one
radian mk3-$40-$70
buzz on Cnote, -$30-$50
YYJ Kos extreme-$10-$30
dark magic-$15-$40 Assuming it’s a normal version
xconvict silver screen-$15-$30 Assuming it’s a normal version

Generally the yoyojams go for $10 to $20 if not mint and yyf that’s not mint is $50 and under. Spyy stuff would be about $40 and the C note I wouldn’t go lower than $20 if not mint.


Two Bandai/Yomega hyper raiders brand new in box.

One clear edge/Trans yellow caps.

One trans red edge/black caps.

Bandai hyper raider bearing kit/case. Brand new in box.

Would it be worth keeping these yoyos in the box for collectors value or should I just play with them? I’m going to leave the bearing kit in the box regardless.


C3 Berserker Rx with flatspots and scuffs. It has also been retapped…


$110, its been retapped and has damage, plus they are still available here on sale for $160.


What’s this turd worth? Lol


Smash and hit with a hammer :wink: or I’d give you a virtual high five for it…


Beat Elysian with a bit of vibe


Beat elysian (proto possibly?) with some vibe. http://m.imgur.com/a/7ahMj


Yellow first run summit. Only damage is a pair of rim marks from tapping a tile floor.

One Drop Cascade MIB unknown color way.


$75 Summit

$60 Cascade

Maybe a few bucks more on each if you get the right buyer


Beat elysian (proto possibly?) with some vibe. http://m.imgur.com/a/7ahM


Bump for elysian

(LJ) #2517

I’d think not a lot. Maybe $20 to $25.


Eric Wolff Wood and Evil
Prototype B!ST Tondo




Eric Wolff Wood and Evil ~ $50-75
Prototype B!ST Tondo Sky is the limit/ What someone will pay :-\