You're thinking about her, who is she?


Who did you think about when you read that topic subject? A little backstory would be nice too.

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Oh goodness. This topic is for me. Sorry if I get a little gooey or it sounds stupid…

My (ex) girlfriend. Her name is Abbie. On February 14, 2012, (yes, valentines day haha) about a year ago I asked a beautiful girl who I was friends with for quite awhile to be my girlfriend. She has the most amazing personality out of any girl I’ve ever met in my life, she could make me laugh or smile even when I was not in the mood. She’s absolutely without a doubt the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life. We were super close; we could tell eachother literally anything and it was great to have someone that genuinely loved, cared about and wanted to talk to me. When I came home, I had someone to talk to. I had someone that cared about me and my feelings, and I in return cared about her and her feelings too. We were really really happy and we made a lot of good memories together. Unfortunately (to say the least) we started having little stupid fights about literally nothing quite a bit, about a few weeks leading up to the day she broke up with me. She broke up with me when I was searching for her Valentines Day gift (also her anniversary gift), 10 days before we would have celebrated our year long anniversary. So, that was about two months ago. Since then I have become severely depressed and feel hopeless because I lost the girl I loved. And the worst part is she is now talking with another guy, who is a complete and utter dbag and she doesn’t even see it. I want to be with her again so bad. I miss her so much it’s not even funny. I’ve never felt this way in my life, I’ve never experienced any kind of pain like this before… I used to be happy. Now, I can’t stop thinking about her. She is always in my mind and no matter what I try I absolutely cannot get her out of my head. I seriously think about her all the time. And I miss her more than anything in the world, and I care about her so much. I want to be with my Abbie again. I want to prove to her we can have a happy relationship like we used to, but even better. I want to show her I love her and care about her more than anything in the world but I can’t do that anymore and now I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing anymore. I have no idea what to do. I just know I want her more than anything in the world. I love her so much.




Is it bad that when asked to think of a Girl I can only think of a song?


Youmu is so cute dancing along to the song there in your avatar.


Yeah I didn’t notice that it can go so well with songs till you said that.

Another song that comes to mind.



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Noooooo I cant answer that!

The whole crush thing is supposed to be a secret, right?

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He left.


I think about my girlfriend, but shes so much more than that… Shes my dinopops and im her spacecakes


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you know if you tell her that I bet she would care they always do because they like being respected and told there right.


She’s the terrible teacher who’s gonna give me a bad grade on my science project that I just spent 10 hours finishing. And stayed up until 3:30 in the morning for. And there’s nothing I can do about it, because she’s a prejudiced, annoying, insensate jerk.



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She’s that one person I wish I could be. The one person I know I can try to imitate but know ing I just can’t. I know that if I was to reinvent myself, I would be her. That lucky lady would be…Ariana Grande


And nobody said, “Your mom.”


A sexy Blue-haired girl named Annie : P



In the same exact boat right now. Broke up a month ago and April 1rst would have been our two year anniversary. Bad part is we set our school schedules nearly the same so I see her every day and forced to work with her because my teacher wouldn’t let us switch partners this far into the semester. We had a bunch of plans for the summer to be going to her cousin’s wedding in Florida. Her cousin and i are friends her side of the family is very friendly to me. Especially her mom who I actually work with her mom is my manager and it’s very awkward. What makes it worse is my best friend thought it would be a good idea to try to ask her out on April 1rst(his birthday) but also our anniversary. Poured salt into healing wounds. The plus side is she would be going to college in Indiana and I’m in Illinois so I don’t need to worry about long distance, but just going back to roots of a friendship. The relationship was spiraling down from the last couple months just very routine and boring. She took the break up in a different way then I did. I yoyo and she goes out and parties( go figure). But I love her and it is still awkward at times, but we are talking and still friends at least. If it could stay this way I wouldn’t mind one bit.

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