Poems. Post em'

Here is a poem I wrote about an Amish GUy in best buy

Oh No! What is going on?
It seems that my mind has gone
This is a sinners paradise, surely I can not stay
but oh look they have TVs on sale compatible with blu-ray
No I cant, I surely will burn in hell
but look at all the ipods they have to sell
Oh my word they have the new pirates movie
Even without Orlando bloom I still hear its groovy
No, my wife would kill me if I Didn’t leave
Maybe I’ll ask the store clerk how to go, his name’s Steve
“Hi Steve”, but before I could talk he directed me to aisle seven
he took me to get a shaving kit, but I’d rather go to heaven
He said my beard was silly and had to be shaven
Then I say a 60 inch plasma playing ‘that’s so raven’
raven will surely burn in eternal flame, but I will not
even still you have to admit, raven is kinda hot
NO! I cannot think like that
I must churn butter, not watch TV and get fat!
but look at this brand new phone
or this xbox, so these n00bs get pwned
No I must leave this evil place
if my wife knows about his, she would slap my face
So I left best buy once and for all
but then my new phone started ringing. I got my first call!

post one of your own. NO boundries when it comes to poetry!

nice couplets bro :slight_smile:

raphael is crazy
for moretz
to bad he is lazy,
and is one of the culprit(z)
of a murder
on a puff adder

thought that bad poem up on the spot 8)

Your poem made me smile, Raph. :smiley: Here is my first poem that I’ve actually put effort into. Just got into poetry the past month or two.

Why oh why must I see you everyday?
You just float around every which way.
Going where the wind blows.
Traversing where no one knows.
As if you’re on top of the world.

Free to travel place to place.
Seeing the Earth face to face.
I’m trapped all the way down here.
Why don’t you show me any fear?

How can you be so carefree?
No pressure or responsibilities.
Not a single restriction or boundary.
You fill me with jealousy.

Yet I still go cloud watching.

I’ll post one of my stranger poems later. (come to think of it, most of my poems are pretty strange)

I don’t write… but this is my favorite poem…by my favorite author……Charles Bukowski

2 Flies

The flies are angry bits of life;
why are they so angry?
it seems they want more,
it seems almost as if they
are angry
that they are flies;
it is not my fault;
I sit in the room
with them
and they taunt me
with their agony;
it is as if they were
loose chunks of soul
left out of somewhere;
I try to read a paper
but they will not let me
one seems to go in half-circles
high along the wall,
throwing a miserable sound
upon my head;
the other one, the smaller one
stays near and teases my hand,
saying nothing,
rising, dropping
crawling near;
what god puts these
lost things upon me?
other men suffer dictates of
empire, tragic love…
I suffer
I wave at the little one
which only seems to revive
his impulse to challenge:
he circles swifter,
nearer, even making
a fly-sound,
and one above
catching a sense of the new
whirling, he too, in excitement,
speeds his flight,
drops down suddenly
in a cuff of noise
and they join
in circling my hand,
strumming the base
of the lampshade
until some man-thing
in me
will take no more
and I strike
with the rolled-up-paper -
missing! -
they break in discord,
some message lost between them,
and I get the big one
first, and he kicks on his back
flicking his legs
like an angry whore,
and I come down again
with my paper club
and he is a smear
of fly-ugliness;
the little one circles high
now, quiet and swift,
almost invisible;
he does not come near
my hand again;
he is tamed and
inaccessible; I leave
him be, he leaves me
the paper, of course,
is ruined;
something has happened,
something has soiled my
sometimes it does not
take man
or a woman,
only something alive;
I sit and watch
the small one;
we are woven together
in the air
and the living;
it is late
for both of us

Am I allowed to post songs of mine?

They’re poems…

Alright, I’m warning you. Extremely explicit material

then dont post it…

My songs all have a few F-bombs to express anger and aggression. A few songs also have strong Antichristian themes if that would offend people.

Here’s mine:

Herpy derpy derp.
Derp De-derpty herp.

They want me to fly
up high into the sky
but I don’t want to die
But if I don’t then they will cry
So I let out a sigh
and I focus and give it a try…

Up into the sky
do I fly
How can I?
Such freedom I could cry
flying to the pie in the sky
But then I breathe with a sigh
when I realize this is all my…



My idea, DONT POST THEM!!!

Leave it for another forum, if it comes close to offending someone, don’t even thing about posting it

What happens when your bored…

I call it Mercole Zoth! (If anybody knows what that name means i’ll give them a “thank you”!)

I’m not the one to be throned by society
not to be choked on variety I’m not asking if you can handle it
set it on fire and see if the candles lit
Suffocating to death
there’s not much depth in debt, just bleeding regret
you’ll feel it once its flowing
be blinded and tell me its not for showing

Come int real life and Ill show you how to survive
I’ll come into your world then its my turn to be alive
its delusion, your not drugged
they’ve got your mind bugged

But I believe what is real, as you walk away
I barely stutter when I try to say;

I ain’t superman, Ive got a knife in my back
sympathy ain’t bringing the blood back
and for a matter of fact I ’m still intact

Maybe I’m gargling death, but I’m spitting out wine
I’m not going to sugar coat it, your conscious is fine

Don’t you dare put death in heavens care
breathing heavy, awake from this nightmare

to create something from nothing is creativity
to create nothing from something is an oddity
as it ought to be

Now your happy, I question the thought
And I’m stuck here watching everybody Else’s mind rot
and I don’t think you got a clue
how hard life is, to live without you

And this weight, its getting heavy
lock and load, barely ready

If its food for thought, why am I starved
But I see a masterpiece, only I have carved

Don’t you dare shoot me a vacant stare
Of memories of love, and Memories of despair
Then I’ll just bite my lip and pretend not to care

Its a cylce, that we’ll never get out of
I remember when it was all about raw passion, and that was enough

Youve never felt so far away
And to be put on display
I am lost in a sea of words to describe you
Words making poems, so what am I supposed to do
With these poems, there only words that can barely break a mind set
And these poems are filled with my blood, which I will never regret
like I did in the past
I guess these feelings were never meant to last
Then I guess we have to make this moment last forever
because the world could never end if we are together

I could put our love in a bottle,
make it shattered glass,
and we could run full throttle
and forget the past

We don’t have to be apart of there sick little games
but if its loves fault who’s to blame

I call it “free bird”

Chloe Moretz
Oh I’m so freakin’ obsessed
Why oh why
is she so fly
Some say she is not pretty
Those people are probably filled with self pity
She has the coolest hair ever
If love is a switch, she just pulled the lever
She is the definition of beauty
To honor her, is almost my duty
Man I feel really stupid writing this
Cause if she saw this she would think I’m as creepy as that singer in kiss
But I don’t wear face paint, so that should help my chances
I don’t have to ask her out now, be cause theres a few years til the high school dances
But still, she is An angel from above
You may call it weird, I call it love.

I Tried to make it as weird as possible lol

Oh, and I think a mod cleaned up my first poem that I posted, so thank you mod.

I Quote Her

The dying raise aching arms and receive
lipstick blessings from those who know no beauty
Whispered prayers echo for her
and more forgotten kisses greet the screaming girl
As nuns and others loiter
She screams for freedom
Hiding in a blackened convent
lurking in a back-pew dream
Removed from her paradise
and lost to a hungry god
With a final gasp and a stolen beat
she bleeds into the roots
“I only wanted freedom”,
I quote her.

that was an easy anagram, Chloe Moretz

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How the Turtle Neck Sweater did you figure it out?!?!


This was when I was really bored.

Suicide is like cyanide
when you try to hide
You should have flied
Still haven’t died
But yet nobody has cried
but I can barely think of genocide
like being a metaphorical guide
Doctor Jekylll, Mr. Hyde
is like the real world groom and bride
For guilt and regret haven’t applied
For these people’s tears have dried
And I’ve been taken for a ride
For death I have put aside

This is a remix of a song I like: Neopolitian Dreams - Lisa Mitchell
not the greatest, but what evzz

(You go on I’ll be okay
I can dream the rest away
Its just a little touch of fate, it will be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I.)

These rights, they cross a line,
they can make us cry more, or they are worth to die for
but just because its all wrong doesn’t make it a little right
I can barely breath, while the rain leads the night

It doesn’t end here, nor does it start
Just remember, til’ death do we part
I’m holding my breath and I can barely stay nimble
as I try to stay conscious and take in paranoia at every symbol
every symbol that’s not really there
to find it so bruised its never rare

and to think of that it’s driving me insane
to remember, that it’s barely for the love of the game

and these entertainers are talking about cocking a pistol
And I think that this arrogant lie, is our downfall
just because you stutter doesn’t make it less of a stall
I need a sense of approval when I answer to your every call

I aint determined to kill anything mentaly or physically
but atleast this blood is flowing confidently
and I’m trying telling you that this is not the place for me
But when your not listning, its just harder for me to speak.

Speak these truths, speak these poems
and just because I say them, doesn’t mean i know ‘em
and I try not to lie for my self, but I have original claims
but I don’t know if its a blessing, that I’m not the same

It feels like a curse
that can only feel worse
for this world has run out of of things to offer
So they might as well kill me, but I’m thought for

I guess i have a place for myself to live, but I may be surrounded
but i could never fight a battle alone and the world will watch astounded

(I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves
You couldnt be alone, the time I feel like I am walking blind
I have no where I’ll have time.

There are no legible signs
There are no legible signs.)

There are no legible signs, but that aint right
Maybe they’re there, but your the one who’s blind
You may think you know love like the back of your hand
but I can bet you, this is uncharted land

No one dared set foot, and maybe your just not paying attention
I didn’t take the credit, you just forgot to mention

Dont you dare belive it’s all irony
just remember you can fly with me
it wont hurt as much now that your a thousand miles away
with a final breath, forgive me for what ever I say

But I can barely think that I’m being generous
still, I’m being poisoned, for loneliness is venomous
and I’m losing blood, and I’m shutting down for a while
Its sadistic, the thought that I will never see you smile

but I have to remember just because I’m not there, doesn’t mean anything to you
For I feel the pain, and I don’t think its coming back around too
because it doesn’t work in a world of perfection
I still hope that there is a such thing as affection

But Hollywood is brain washing what was and used to be
So I guess a second apperance of a super hero couldn’t be me
Because I’ve given up, and I stopped livin’.
But being alive is barely a given

im really sorry, but one of my pet peeves is deliberately bad poetry. I know it may have been made quickly, but haste is not an excuse for mediocrity. first of all, “flied”, to my knowledge is not a real word, and making up words is the final solution if you have no ideas. The bolded line doesnt make sense, can you please explain it? i dont know if you realize how powerful of a word “Genocide” is. and please explain the last line if it actually has meaning, cause it sounds like you keep switching perspective in the poem.

please dont take offense to any of this, im just trying to expose your weaknesses so you can get better at poetry if you choose to take it seriously, because i think you do have potential… i just want you to think about the words you are putting in your poems, it’s quality before quantity.

My perspectives changing, was more or less the cause of writing this in about 45 seconds. So that was me being stupid.

It was supposed to be through the eyes of someone else (not someone specific, but people who won’t really accept people for who they are) And how some people believe that a certain group is the cause of a corrupt society. (I Am not against any cultural group or political party or anything)

For the last part, its hard to explain, it is kind of a resolution to there mental conflict of wanting to kill.

“I have been taken for a ride” is like taking a new perspective of things,
“For Death I have put aside” Is saying that they are coming to the point where the thoughts of killing others and themselves they have ‘put aside’

Also I thought Flied was a word :’(

Thank you :slight_smile:

SB: I put some old poems on the internet a year ago, and they got like 400+ hits in a matter of a few hours. I took them down though, because they were garbage, and I improved my writing a lot. All my good stuff is in a book, that is no longer in my possession :’(

I hope you find that book, I’d like to read some of your stuff that you are proud of. :slight_smile:

Also, its ok if you are against something or hate something. That hatred is inspirational fuel. I use it in 99% of my music, its always about my hatred or detest for something… whether it be political, religious, or social. The best songs are written with intense anger (imho) . Let your emotions go crazy and see what kind of poems you come up with. :slight_smile: