Pro results up!!!!

For quite some time I have been thinking of how to give something away. Today I just settled with this

All you have to do is submit a poem about yoyos. Just have fun, I like to read funny things, but whatever you come up with is fine. Oh and I would love to see some General-Yo love in these :wink:

Winner will be chosen with a random Number generator (number is reply number) and I may give away something else small if one is really amazing. The prize is a near mint, smooth, Blue/Purple SPYY Pro

Havent picked a deadline, I prefer to let things play out. SHould be at least a week, maybe 2 so you have plenty of time.

  • One entry per person, meaning one post, but edit the post as you wish to add more poems.

Some gen yos are red
Your spyy pro is blue
If you throw a yoyo down it will come back to you

Oh yoyo
You make me want to throw
I gotta go
Get a general yo
Majesties so magestic
Better than a hectic
And on those cloudy days
You make me want to say
This is so fun! Yay!

The throw

The collision
Between organic and inanimate.
The feel The rush

The art
The beauty
Complete extacy

We are far beyond the yoyo of old
A yoyo that is there, but isnt
With so much quality, unfeelable

Other brands quiver in its shadow
General yo

oh ernie your products
wow they are superior
please sell me some more

Wow guys this is a lot of entries pretty fast, and remember, they don’t have t o be about general-yo. (Nothing wrong if it is though)

oh yoyo,
you are the cereal,
in my milk.

or just…

Oh yoyo,

The End.

Oh Yoyo
Please let me throw you
I promise you won’t get a ding
I already took off My ring
Your beadblast is so soft
I feel like I am lost
when I throw you
Oh yoyo.

My Majesty! My Majesty! your kingdom is broken, we once had pleasure. Even the peasants, we hope just now, that you, may rebuild it.

Simple toy or complex hobby?
Do you know the answer

Oh my throw,
Some may call you a yoyo,
But you are an extension of my soul,
My heartbeat is synchronized with your spin and flow.
I will never leave you alone.

Yoyos are cool, I like them.

Bam, it’s so deep it doesn’t even have to rhyme

I sadly can’t claim that I came up with this… I saw it on YYN four and a half years ago or so.

To hear nothing but bearings
To feel nothing but strings
To feel so much like hell
But to be spinning so close to heaven
This is a yoyoists high
And is the feeling that I live for.

-Snap snap snap-

I like to yoyo
You also like to yoyo
That’s what we should do

That ladies and gentlemen is a haiku. Enjoy

My love for you is like a yo-yo.
It’s seen it’s ups and downs,
and it’s share of binds a knots.
It can go around the world,
shoot the moon,
or just out to walk the dog;
but in the end,
it all,
comes back,
to you.

Dingo54 will never fall on the floor
Yoyos will never hit a door

Throw after throw
Yo after yo
Spun , spin , span
When I throw I feel like a great man
Yesterday , today, tomorrow , forever
Fingers are numb will they ever feel better ? - Squaks

This is how we go
throwing down the yo
a way to relax, chillax
and let me win a SPYY Pro. ;D

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General yo’s are cool
But not when you drop them in the pool

String snaps yoyo Tumbles
I can’t keep up my hand fumbles

One scratch two scratch big deal
I’ve learned a mint yoyo can’t be real

Dings give it character, no damage no love
If you don’t love yo yoing them why are you