Rhyme rap read.. I mean thread...


Rhyme rap thread inspired by THE Totalartist!

Mention a word or two, a rhyme or 2, or a big o’l sentece or two.

Down with the bird…

(Owen) #2

This thread is like a turd


Is that what you heard? Don’t act like a nerd.


I have a question for the the replier on this post number third: aren’t you supposed to start a new rhyme?


Not sure about this thread, but my reply is the third.



Third? You win some lemon curd!



He won the lemon, the limes,
I’ll kick some rhymes, one time,
But what are the rules,
this thread is kinda cool.


Why thank you, I hope you stay cool, this cold weather is giving you the flu!


I have the flu, my sinus is congested,
Took Theraflu, what my friend suggested.


So they did, do it, thats way out of question, always take good advice for that nasty congestion.


This congestion, has gotten depressing,
I’m coughing and sneezing, lots of resting,

Not to change the subject, tell me what you know,
about your latest purchase, or your latest throw,

And tell me in some lyrics, the way I like to hear it,
Thanks for the nice thread, really lifted my spirits. :slight_smile:


My latest throw, the capricorn, all nice and meant for show, no wait, thats my puffin, always getting the attention, throughout the string tension, my capricorn, back on track, its so stable, I think ill go tighten my cable


Tighten your cable, doesn’t it have a string? :wink:
I bought a Capricorn, and what a wonderful thing.

It’s shiny, smooth, and the color is raw,
One of the coolest yo-yos that I ever saw.

That new case that I made, I dropped it in,
Such a cool new yo-yo made by Tropic Spins.

So what was it like selling your own throw,
Having your own yo-yo, and everyone knows?


It was nice, nice indeed, the shipping was stressful, I’m in need of my own vessel.


Vessel, like a ship?
Were you making a boat?
I get the gist,
I was just making a joke. :wink:

I knew what you meant,
And that makes sense,
Shipping gets intense,
When time and money are spent.


i see you two are rhyming well while you 2 are chiming i have been climbing the forums that are never ending or subsiding. Now what you probabaly dont is that my rhymes are superfly with a side of fries for i can make amazing peoms and rhymes on the time of a dime. :o


Oh snap, you surprised me with that,
You might have a knack, cause that was not a bad rap,

You’re fries? I’m all that and a bag of chips,
Barbecue…and I wish I had some dip.

Chips and dip, really cool you know,
Cause The TotalArtist enjoys those food and throws,

That’s why me and Erik have a thread like that,
It might be time to bump it, so I’ll be right back.

But in the meantime, just be fearless,
And post some more of those yo-yo lyrics.
Or record them, so that we might hear it.

This thread will be a lesson, of your writing expression,
About anything depressing, or your worse confession,
About your trials, tribulations, your blessings,
Your worst experience, or whatever you’re best in.
Make words your secret weapon.

(Erik Kerber ) #18

I’m throwing a puffin while eating a muffin oh yea.
I really don’t own a puffin but I do like those muffins oh yea. :smiley:


You like Puffins and muffins, well I like bagels,
And the new too HOT cause it’s nice and stable,
Plus I like cheese danish, and the coffee it came with,
I started on Starlites, and Pocket Changes.



The Too HOT seems rather nice,
It also seems to grind like its made of ice,
Adding a new topic has a nice twist,
We should add some more and then make a list,
Soon we’ll have so many U.O.E.N.O.I.T.
Some people will complain then throw a fit,
But we unite and tell them to stop it.
I’m the writer of the rap that you just heard,
Don’t mess with cause I fly like a bird.
Yolocop 57