Throw Rich (TRA) Thread! Post your "loot and yoyos."

TRA - Throw Rich Alliance :smiley:

Post a picture of your yoyo (preferably expensive) with the “loot.”

Throw rich 'til I die -Totalartist

Get the money

Post the money

Get paid for posting

Its how we roll in the hood

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Get that paper kids

Post the paper kid…

Throw rich 'til I die!

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I gotta get in on this

most of my pics will only include 1’s 5’s mabe 10’s or 20’s. I don’t make very much money.

Ill see if I can wip something together later today.

I’m going to take some pics of my micros with $2 bills. I have some International money too…some coins. Coins count too. All that loot adds up haha.

Oh yea I never thought of coins I got a few of those presidental dollars alying around.

Me too, maybe, I’ll post them up with some gold throws. :-\

Here’s a few I wipped up quick.

My favorite is the one with the primo

All the money kept curling up from being in my wallet so I used the coins to weigh it down so it would lay flat.

What do you think of them?

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Nice^^ the first one is the best :slight_smile:


Erik is Throw Rich. All that change adds up to a lot too. What are those coins in the upper left of the first pic…the two tone looking ones? Is that U.S. loot? I never saw that before. :-\

I agree…love the first one the most, your eyes bounce around at all the change and paper.

Great pic TA

As for your question

The large one is a $5 Mexican coin and the smaller one is a $1 Mexican coin. No I haven’t been to mexico and I don’t really remember how I got them but I think someone gave them to me. And I’ve just kept them cuz there kinda cool.

Glad you like the pics BC and TA, :smiley:

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Goin to street perform later. I’ll throw a yoyo in my cash box and shoot a few pics

I normally get around 60$ in ones

You said you quit yoyo -_-

I quit in the way that most people think of quitting

I will stop posting on the forums probably a after my BST sells out and i only yoyo to practice for street performing.

I no longer carry a throw around or practice for fun

Requesting to join this here consortium:

Heres a new one

8k on the debit.

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