how much will people pay for signed throws?


Hey guys, feel free to move this.

So if somebody has a signed throw, how much would people pay for it? Would they pay a lot or less than I think? I know it depends on the person and player. Like if I had a throw sighed by Jensen kimmitt, gentry stien, John Ando or something, how much would you pay? And do people sign them with sharpies? (I know that was a stupid question :P)

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I will pay exactly $0 more for a throw that is signed by a yoyoer.

Yoyoers aren’t celebrities.

You seem to have a difficult time understanding that.


I know I know, there just normal people who happen to be good at yoyoing. But would you seriously pay nothing more?


-$10 Because the yoyo was taken out of the box.

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Absolutely. That would be a complete waste.

I can’t thank you enough times hahaha


Maybe if Tom Kuhn signed it I’d pay a couple dollars more. Maybe.


Oh ok them guys… I thought you would pay more… Hmmm, guess I was really wrong


I would probably pay less. Why would you pay more for someone to vandalize your yoyo?


It wouldn’t be worth any more to me. I guess I really probably just wouldn’t buy it because for the same price I could probably get a mint one.

But I do see the value in it if you have a player you’re just really inspired by. I personally am not a big fan of anyone like that, so it’s not something I would look out for.

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Suprise suprise


Not much but depends who. Like Andre I’d pay extra.


:-\ k…


why would people pay more? i mean a used throw is a used throw. there are very few throws that are worth more on the secondary market. and not to nit pick but the proper use of the word in your post above this is they’re short for they are and not there like over there. sorry to be a critic, but it is extremely hard to take you serious.

again sorry for bring that up, but it was the first thing that struck me.


I didn’t really know what you meant, are you talking about “them” cuz I obviously meant then. I dont see how you didnt catch that.


Honestly I wouldn’t even want to buy a signed throw. I dunno why, but I think its weird to use autographed things, and I have no desire to buy a yoyo I will not use for more money than normal.


some people collect things like that, and IMO I could see a signed yoyo being more playable than other singed things like basket balls, 'cause if the yoyo is singed on the side it’s not going to wear off as much during play unless you’re doing a tonne of thumb grinds.


i guess i just entered a battle wits with an unarmed person :confused: i will move and and resume learning about yo-yo stuff as there is nothing to see here. again sorry i hate to point out the painfully obvious stuff but i guess it wasnt that obvious.

still what yo-yos are worth more on the secondary market? can you think of at least a few? i probably wont return, but have a good night.


As strange as this would sound:
Autographing a yoyo to me causes the yoyo to LOSE value.

Yeah, you buy the yoyo: 15% off just for it leaving the vendor.
Open the box: Another 5-10% off.

Now you go and have it signed? Now the yoyo can’t be fully played, which for me is why I bought the yoyo in the first place. I didn’t buy the yoyo to look pretty in the case or sit on a shelf or in some sort of display. The yoyo is to be played, shared, taken to meets and experienced by me, my kid(s), my friends and other people at meets and contests.Why the heck do I want to have someone, as great as they may be, sign a yoyo? Now I have to worry about rubbing off the signature. No, just distracts from my enjoyment. Not worth it. While I ain’t poor, I also ain’t so well off that I can just buy a yoyo to have it signed and then sit on the shelf.

I’m strange I know. My views are skewed by who I am as a person.

Excuse my tangent, as it’s audio related, but I find it applies here and I will tie it back.
Gear is meant for one thing: to fulfill a purpose. It is supposed to do something. Why am I buying some FX units? Outboard signal processing? Mics? Speakers? Amps? It’s because I want to use it. It’s because I need it. It’s not some status symbol. If I want certain mics, it’s not because I want to show off, it’s because I have a need for them. Heck, I want a pair of AKG 414 XLS mics. They cost $1000 each(I can get them for around $800 or lower retail). Is it so I can show off? No, it’s not. It’s because I want them for drum over-heads. Of the mics I’ve used, it’s one of the best over-head mics I’ve used. if I don’t want to use those, I can use something else, and then use the 414’s for acoustic guitar, other percussion, snare bottom, distant bass, distant guitar and studio vocal applications, it’s not a one-hit wonder mic for me

I bought a pair of Cascade Microphone Fathead II mics. These are ribbon mics, which if you know squat about mics, you know ribbon mics kinda need some special handlig. However, I bought these “Delicate flowers” for screaming loud metal guitars. I mic the guitar cabinets. My crew REFUSED to put out the mics for me, so I grabbed stands, put the mics on the stands and my crew was FLOORED that not only did I have the (word substitute) to do it, but that it sounded absolutely AMAZING. Yeah, don’t trust the guy with 30 years of doing sound… that’s why I’m the boss and running the desk. My current crew will throw up any mic I ask, no questions asked. Well, that’s not true entirely. They will do it, but they will want to know why I picked what I picked so as to increase their knowledge.

I’ve actually been REFUSED the chance to purchase things because I intend to use it. “Oh, this mic was used by so and so…” So what? That’s the mic I want, the price I want, and I want to use the mic! “Oh no, this is a museum piece, it is to sit and be displayed”. Screw that. I want working gear, not stuff for a display cabinet. I collect 12" Star Wars “action figures” if I want stuff to sit in a display cabinet “looking pretty”

Now to tie it back:
Yoyos are equipment, gear, an item with a purpose. I didn’t buy a TI5 so I could brag and say “'Oh yeah, got a TI5”. I wanted to own and play it. I didn’t buy an Anglam so I can brag about owning one. I actually play my Anglam a lot and have handed it to many other players to try it. Same with the TI5. I’ve gotten so many people get nervous about having these yoyos in their hand. As many have pointed out, yoyos are meant to be thrown, played, shared and enjoyed. I don’t want go telling people “oh, be careful, it’s autographed”. I also don’t want to have to shelve a throw because it’s got some magical ink on it, that’s just a waste of money. When I hand a yoyo over to be played, the person getting it should just worry about playing it.

Don’t go playing stuff that you want autographed. Don’t have stuff autographed that you want to play. In the case of yoyos, don’t expect the value to jump because it’s got magical ink on it either.


If you read your own post it appears that you may have lost the battle.


IDK, lets say I get a yoyo singed, I’ll still play it, like I said before the only reason to say “OMG don’t play it it’s signed” is if you care more about the signature wearing off than the yoyo, which from the sounds of it none of you guys do, so if the signature means nothing then play it and don’t worry about it, with or without signature, worst case scenario the signature wears off and you have what you did to start with, I don’t see how anyone can be so staunchly against getting something singed, I can understand not going out of your way for it, and not paying extra for it, but I don’t see how it can diminish the value in anyones eyes, unless you have something against whomever singed it.