No Friends


All summer my only best friend went to Boot Camp.

Now I have no friends

What can I do? I don’t like the other people in my town they’re all really stupid.

Now that my Best friend isnt here I really have nothing to do at all.


(SR) #2

We’re you’re friends.


Yoyos are friends.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

With an attitude and mindset like that, no wonder you have no friends.
Humans are interesting creatures, take some time before you judge to find out who they really are.




But… sniff… I thought… sniff… I was your best friend… *WAAAAHHHHH!!!

no, I know what you mean. And that really stinks man. I have 0 friends within walking distance, but at church and youth groups I’ve met some really cool people. And a couple actually wanted to learn, so BOOM a yoyo friend :smiley:

I Also know the feeling, a couple of my best friends are missionaries to the Dominican Republic. I rarely see them (probably only 1 time a yr.) and when they first left, I felt super alone. Even though I could talk to them, I feared they were gone. or we’d drift apart.

Anyway, if you’d like an internet bud I’m here. though, I figured we already established that haha :smiley:




Exactly my thought… Hmmmmmmmmm…


if I were you I would enjoy the time you have with yourself it can be just as good with a friend.


Do you have siblings? haha.


I do have a friend. He is at Boot camp.

I have had all the way to High School to figure out what these people are like trust me

You dont know my life ok

You dont know what these other kids have done to me


thats what pj man and I picked up on. (In case you didn’t catch that)


Make friends. Be friendly. Go out and do stuff.


All my friends are 6-10 year olds this summer (except for one my age) cuz im interning at a youth theater.


You’re not gonna make friends if your too shy and or mean :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not shy

And mean? It’s the other way around.

(M.DeV1) #16

I’ll be your friend Noonar. Skype me @ masondevriend.

(Jei Cheetah) #17

Dont try to pull that on me hun, you know very well what I meant.
I suggest taking time to get to know people, reach out, try to be less introverted if you feel you are. Takes some time, but you can get used to it.
Believe me, I know from experience.


I can understand if there isn’t many in your school you can relate to, but I’m sure there’s tons of people near you who you can have fun with. Try picking up a hobby with a related club near you if you want to make friends.

It’s fine if you don’t want to be social too. I would do something that feels productive, like drawing/programming or whatever interests you. You have tons of time in the summer.


then be mean, adapt to your surroundings. it’s important not to be like: “everyone else is a meanie so i won’t play with them”, that just makes thing worse. just go out and do things that are socially acceptable in your region, and try to fit in.

anyhow, you can’t actually DO anything to get REAL friends, these kind of things happen naturally


This is legit advicethat your parents won’t give you… So that means it must be true :smiley: lol jk, but you should try this out