Can you relate?


I live in a mountain community in Southern VA known for… nothing. Coal mining, maybe, but they certainly aren’t known for their throwers or yo yo fanaticism. So I go on walks, take care of business, and all the while when my hands are not occupied I have my yo yo in them, just trying to get Kwijibo down or trying like hell to perfect my breakaways. This, I have noticed, has given me a lot of negative feedback from my neighbors and community members.

I have found my hobby and I enjoy it greatly, however being on no budget and trying very hard to reuse silicone and strings makes it a bit difficult. Thing is, because I like something that truly has no group where I live, I’ve become an outsider.

When did doing what you love (even something as simple as playing with a yo yo) get you ousted in your own community? Parents keep their kids from me, and no one takes me seriously because I’m playing with a toy every chance I get. It does give me a bit of a puffy chest though, being able to say I’m doing what I love even though its a bad idea right now.

I know a lot of throwers, and nearly all of them play in groups or cities where it’s popular at least in a small circle. I don’t have that luxury. It’s just me, my dark magic 2, and the feint hope of winning a competition one of these days.

Anyone relate?


Your neighbors are ignorant and closed-minded. You should inform them of this in case they are unaware. Then you should move somewhere else, because you don’t want to turn into one of them.

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^^ I agree.

They’re being thick for not accepting you for what you like doing. The important thing is not to let it get to you. You’re better off that way.


Hmm, then maybe I should turn my house into an indoor marijuana grow house and buy a gun and go randomly shooting up the neighborhood so I can fit in better…
There’s been over 100 “grow houses” busted in my city in the past year. Within the last year, one house was found not even 200 feet from my house. At the end of my street, not even 2 months ago was a drive-by shooting that fortunately injured nobody, but was obviously intended as some sort of violence against the former occupant who moved out maybe a month earlier.

I think lots of hobbies are silly. I don’t get the whole gun thing, but responsive gun owners are not really where the problem is. Stamp collecting, I just don’t get. I’ve gotten bored with coin collecting. My work and hobby with professional audio has required I buy a truck to move the stuff around in because, well, it’s designed for concerts and mobile.

If you’re not hurting anyone and you’re having fun and NOT doing anything illegal, the who cares what other people think.

I mean, how many people are simply smoking and drinking their lives away. Or those who are working to support drug habbits?(including smoking and drinking)

Get better, move away.


Who cares what hey think, as long as your happy then it doesn’t matter.


Well, at first no one at my office ever take me seriously because I always throwing on mt spare time, but I got my job done and in the end, my yoyo got some respect from them.

I also live in an area with no yoyoing friend, at least I need to drive at last two hour to go to the nearest yoyo meet.

But I’ve been enjoying life, and you should too.

Show everyone you’re quality on everything, you will shine.

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I live in an isolated mountain town in Colorado. When I first moved here people didn’t want anything to do with me because I rode a mountain bike. However, when I saw my neighbors needed help with anything, I just showed up and would lend a hand. Didn’t take long before that mountain bike stigma was recognized as nonsense. Fast forward ten years, I often see some of those same people today on mountain bikes, smiles on their faces. I may not be soley responsible for that change, but I did have a hand in it. Know that it’s not the hobbies that interest you but the interest you show in your community that has the potential to change it. People most often resist and fear what they don’t understand. Playing with a toy hopefully will help all of us to cultivate our curiosity and appreciate others individual unique abilities and interests.

Let’s not fall into that trap ourselves!


I live in a community where yoyoing is seen as a child’s toy, which even my parents do not support. But by improving on tricks, and showing them what you can do with it, they would respect you because they couldn’t.

Remember, haters only hate. Don’t be a part of them. :slight_smile:


I’ve never really been shunned for yoyoing. But i live in a small town in Oregon where literally NOONE else yoyos. I have no yoyo buddys here. Whenever i go anywhere, even to work, i take a yoyo with me. when im walking or in the checkout line at a store, whenever. I’m yoyoing all the time. Most times people think its really cool and are politely curious about it. Every once in a while i’ll get some group of punk kids that laugh at me or something and i just laugh right back. People tend to dislike or even fear things that they dont understand. Thats why i laugh, how can you judge someone for doing something that they literally know NOTHING about? Sometimes when i meet new people and stuff iam hesitant to pull out my yoyo because im afraid they are gonna think im childish and stupid. But iam realizing; its pretty rare to find people like that. And the ones who do judge and look down on me for it, they probably have miserable lives hating anything thats fresh and new. My advice: (and i know this is easier said then done) Just keep throwing, be yourself. People will accept you.


Just more sharing along the lines of what was just posted.

I don’t know why I do some of the things that I do. I guess it could technically be classified as insanity.

What you see here is the REAL me, mostly because I don’t have the time to fake or lie or make up some online character. I honestly have better things to do with my time. Basically, I am a nice guy. I help when and where i can.

Stuff I used to do was rescue horses. No, this isn’t all dramatic like getting a horse out of a well or a mud pit, but more like getting a horse back home when it escape from it’s corral, typically due to a board in the 3-rail fence breaking due to age and rot. Where I used to live, everyone has like an acre to 1.5 acres, and a lot of people had horses, and once in a while, one would get out. Now, I don’t ride, but I generally love animals. I’m no horse expert, but time after time I was able to calm down the horses and ponies and get them back to their owners.

Some charity work I’ve done as of late:
I did sound for Koncert for Katrina after the hurricane. The event I think rose NO money and I’m out hotel, food and fuel, but yet, I did the gig anyways, loved it and had a great time anyways. It was for a good cause. I donate my sound production services to my kids’ school. To take it the extra mile, I record the school productions and then make DVD’s that the school sells to parents or whatever and they use that as a fundraiser. I do this out of my own pocket.

People need help, I help when I can. Neighbors were doing some prayer ceremony and I can’t stand their craptastic sound so I volunteered my gear and services to make their prayer ceremony all it could be. Plus, being next door, I can’t ask for a better vantage point to keep an eye on my gear. I do have to admit I had a hidden agenda as I got a chance to work with tablas and harmonium, as I don’t often get to run across authentic indian instruments. The challenge was enjoyable.

Most people pay me back by saying “thank you” and being appreciative, which is often all I need to justify what I do.

Now, my family, well, that’s another matter. In their case, regarding me, it’s “no good deed goes unpunished.”. They ask to borrow my trailer, I let them borrow it. They pop a tire and lose all the locks(we’re talking $200+ in cable locks, hitch lock, another smaller lock and the lock for both the rear latches and the lock for the leg underneath the rear door.

They ask to borrow my truck. They do so. They lose a set of keys, I loan them the second set. They lose that too. I need my keys back and my truck back, and they can’t be bothered to find my keys. Well, lo and behold, I lost the gig. A month later they generously find my keys. Begging, pleading and screaming and showing them a contract did nothing. Oh, and they returned the truck empty. As a result, I also had to replace the fuel pump. It also messed up the fuel/water separator and the fuel injectors. Total costs: Over $2000 in repairs.

They need to borrow my car to take someone to the airport. They drive with the emergency brake on the whole time and wrecked my brakes. I forget what that cost since my wife doesn’t want to share that information with me. I do know I donated over $400 to that cause.

They borrow lights of mine, they break them and don’t tell me so when I get to a gig, I got a tree full of broken lights and no way to deal with this. They borrow power cables and if they aren’t losing them or giving them away, they yank the grounding plug out. Take my tools, take them, break them, let the dogs use them as chew toys.

Loan them money, they refuse to pay it back. It cost me a business. “When do I get paid back?” Answer: Tomorrow. Well, in this case, tomorrow never comes, because when it flips from 23:59:59 back to 00:00:00, it’s no longer tomorrow, it’s today. Tomorrow never comes, and neither did the $11,000 I needed to buy hardware for VISA to resell to them. Its how I make a living at the time. Well, not anymore after that.

The list of abuse is endless. No good deed goes unpunished. Now, with the death of their father, the blatant disrespect is more out in the open, which is an improvement as it’s easier to deal with things that aren’t hidden.

Now I am forced to make some changes to who I am. I generally don’t like this. But after stuff that happened yesterday, I have little to no choice but to cut them off until they make some changes. However, I’m not a very compromising person in certain areas, and this is going to be one of those areas.

Those who work with me doing live sound know I bring more, do more and charge less. I will not compromise my artistic integrity just because of something as stupid as money. Granted, I NEED money. Food, fuel, gear maintenance, yoyos, it all costs something. But I dislike the business end of what I do, I always ahve, I always will, yet it’s a necessary “evil”.

Since certain individuals in my extended family have chosen to behave in a manner I can no longer tolerate, I have to cut them off. I hate this, but I have no choice. I refuse to compromise my general happiness(what there is of it) because a bunch of inconsiderate individuals have fabricated issues.

The short version is still the same as before:
If you’re not a bad person, don’t change who you are. If you’re happy with a kid’s toy, then do it.

Let’s look at stuff I see adults doing:
Yoyo(now that I’m into it)
Action figures, mostly collecting though.
RC Cars, and now helicopters and for the really well off, airplanes including mini-jets
Model Trains
Legos and other construction type toys.
Swords and other bladed weapons
Stuff NOT suitable for this forum
And so many other things.

Be yourself. Don’t force your views upon others. Be happy and be good. Trust me on this. I feel like one of the resident geezers here. Most people are kids, and here I am almost 40 and finally getting into this whole yoyo thing. I’ve spent a LOT of time in aggressive and negative environments, including very hostile environments. I’ve spent a LOT of time unhappy for a HUGE amount of reasons. It ain’t worth it. Hate ain’t worth it. Being unhappy ain’t worth it.

Ride the mountain bike. Throw that yoyo. Dress crazy. It doesn’t matter. If what you’re doing doesn’t harm anyone, then so be it. If people don’t agree, don’t hate, just move on. Be happy. Life IS good.

Good timing. I’m going through a lot of bad crap right now and this thread hits. Helps me get out some of the stuff I’m working through. I am working hard to be happy, or at least for the most part, stay happier than I usually am. The high of the show, the crash after it’s done. If I want ups and downs, I’d throw a yoyo. Wait, that IS what I’m doing. And for me, it helps. A simple toy.

And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can bite me.


Anybody else think its funny when people say things like “being on no budget and trying very hard to reuse silicone and strings makes it a bit difficult”. I mean i have no idea what your financial situation is like but if you cant afford some cheap strings and silicone how do you have enough money to like survive?


Are they saying that while they are smoking and drinking?

I mean, I always see homeless people with money for drugs, booze and smokes.


umm no i don’t think its funny … specially when people say that to explain their situation… sometimes you do things to get by and take short cuts else where to survive… so i am pretty sure he is surviving well. Its obvious he just started throwing, when i started I didn’t have much of anything but a yoyo and a couple of strings.


I live in northern va, you should move out here :slight_smile: no one judges anyone for what they do on their free time, cus seriously who has the time to really notice? everyone is busy doing their own thing…

so maybe living in a small town has its downfall, people talk and don’t have much to do … so they pick on you because you are different … well you can move and get away from people like that or like how someone else said… get involved in the community and when people see you for who you really are … they will change their mind…

try to show others what you are doing, get people involved and show them how to do some of the tricks you learned… show them its not just a toy but something more meaningful to you…

no matter what you will always have someone in your life who doesn’t approve or dislikes what you are doing… its really up to you how you handle it …

why pay attention to the negative when you can try to inspire others…


Its funny because string and silicone cost relatively nothing compared to most other living expenses and hes acting like half his pay check is going towards it or something lol.


When I started, I had only a Duncan mosquito. I didn’t have anywhere to get strings or response stickers. I remember the worst thing that could happen would be my cotton string breaking. Everytime that happened, I had to go buy another yoyo. Forget about ordering online, the only website I knew about was This is totally beside the fact that I was the only person in my area who even knew how to bring a yoyo up. I totally get where Magic Fingers is coming from. Money is always an obstacle. When you don’t have the support of people around you (especially when your still starting), it can be difficult to accomplish anything.


My friends think yoyo-ing is lame. But then again, I’ve always been that weird girl who has weird hobbies/does weird things. I play the ukulele, the banjo, play pokemanz competitively, know a few zippo tricks, solve rubik’s cubes, etc. I know what it feels like to be ostracized from your community over silly things as well…I shaved my head when I was 15 because uh…I wanted to try it? In school, I literally got beaten up by GUYS and picked on a daily basis just for being a little bit different. High school = Not a fun time for Reebi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, my friends joke around with me, saying that yoyo-ing is a waste of time or that I’ve basically ended my dating life by becoming obsessed with jojo-ing (lawlssss) but when I show them some of the tricks I’ve been mastering, they’re kind of impressed.

I say, do what makes you happy. There are too many normal, no-personality people on this planet. So what if people look at you strangely whenever you yo yo? They’re dumb and probably lead mundane lives and are just frustrated with the lack of passion in their own lives. Did getting beaten up a daily basis make me want to grow out my hair? No…in fact…I shaved my head twice! mwahahaha.

Keep throwing, my friend! ;D


They are rude people! Just keep doing what you love.