[b]People in school are bullying me because I play with yoyos. I try to impress them with my amazing sleeper and how I know how to walk the dog. They won’t stop teasing me. Has this happened to you guys? Are you guys called nerds often? Please help

-Agitated with others[/b]

People at my school stop to watch But mostly cause My Buddy Link Is the best yoyoer in the General vicinity of where we are at!

My brother for one can’t stand the hobby. Don’t pay attention to the teasing. My guess is that eventually, if you just keep going, they’ll start to appreciate your skills, especially as you get to more advanced tricks. They’ve probably already seen sleeper and walk the dog, so I wouldn’t really expect them to be impressed. I would advise you not to try to impress them, just be yourself and play for fun, not for status.

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well Wednesday i almost lost my 2014 pulsar genesis to a guy who thought yoyoing was stupid and that i needed to spend less time throwing… krav maga comes in handy sometimes, lets just say he won’t be bothering me again.

Well said… Well said

I never really showed off my tricks in public for the fear of being bullied. I was bullied a ton growing up so that’s why I never tried to yoyo at school. Though I managed to give myself a black eye with my dark magic II, and yeah I took a lot of crap from that at school. If it keeps up at school I’d say just don’t throw at school. It’s not worth it to get ridiculed for no reason. Show your tricks to your friends and family, you’ll get much more support.

Now that I’m in college though I’m probably gonna start throwing down around campus just for fun, but I’m gonna wait til the summer brings some warmer weather lol

I’ve had it both ways, ridicule and praise.

My girlfriend gave me the whole “nerd” thing for a while when I picked the hobby up, but after time she came around.

I’m an adult and I live in a small town in Kentucky, so I do get some interesting looks when I throw in public. But being outside of the norm in my community has been a long ordeal. I learned at a young age that, for lack of a better phrase, “Haters gonna hate.” Let them hate man, yoyoing is cool, and they are obviously lame. They probably have something going on in their personal lives like being bullied by their own parents, and want to project their negativity on you.

Hey man, I feel for you. In senior school I was never bullied, you could say I was in the “cool crowd”(you will realise once you leave school, this really does not matter), but I got bullied badly in junior school.

If you are getting bullied specifically because of the yoyo, I would say maybe from an adult perspective, it might be best not to try impress them with your amazing tricks, and keep the yoyo away. To you, your tricks are great, and they probably are, but to the bullies, it is just something to target you for.

Maybe stick to practicing with friends who also are into yoyo, and not with / around the bullies.

Also, let someone know if the bullying is bad. Your parents, and the school need to know.

I wish you the best.

Woah. Really? All I get from my school is “Woah! That’s so cool!” But if people really bully you because of a (supah cool) hobby, they honestly need to get a life. Stand up for yourself, don’t let them stop you from what you want to do.

This is a great response. Very well said.
As a middle school teacher, I have to deal with the bullied and those that bully. I think the most effective response to a bully is to just walk away. The thoughts and words of another person can do absolutely nothing to you unless you allow them to. By walking away, you’re telling the bully that you don’t acknowledge anything they say about you and you won’t give them the reaction that they seek.
Be proud of your interests and accomplishments, Yoyodweeb. Your progress and growth as a player will quiet the naysayers eventually.

Tease me and I’ll make a shuriken yoyo.

I guess I would have the same experience, but my social status is pretty high.

Well, one way to avoid this is to not troll on yoyo forums.


I actually didn’t start to yoyo till I was starting college. As far as I remembered, I used to throw whenever I was waiting to get picked up and those passing buy would be like “whoa that’s cool”, even though I was only practicing basics and looping.

get a titanium

I would say ignore it but bullying isn’t fun so if I were you just Eli hop them to the face or just find a rebuttal for everything you do.

I don’t care about bullying, I just want to know what the best bearing is

I’ve dealt with bullying for about the past 3 years. I’m just a freshman in high school. I didn’t get bullied for yoyoing but for being different than most students for being myself and that sucked. The best way to deal with it is to forget them and be yourself, but don’t worry there is someone who appreciates you for being you.

Some of the most famous people in the world were bullied or made fun of, but they never gave in and changed themselves.

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Also, double post but whatevs, they’re just jelly :stuck_out_tongue: