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I’ve had the same online handle for I don’t know how many years. I’ve used ‘LinksLegionaire’ (lynx•lee•jun•air) on countless sites and games.

It comes from combining one of my favorite games with my favorite word. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan and I’ve always had a fascination with ancient Rome. Particularly with the battles. And the Roman army comprised of legionnaires, or soldiers.
I am aware it’s spelled wrong in my username, that was on purpose. I dislike how it’s spelled with two n’s.
I’m also quite fond of the alliteration; and having people try to pronounce it on Xbox Live :smiley:

Why did you choose the username you did? (On YYE or elsewhere).

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Interesting topic… Mine is well… Very boring… It is my name with the 77… The 77 is not the year of my birth which is 76. I like 77 for many reasons. The main one is that it was the number of my all time favorite hockey player Ray Bourque of the Boston Bruins…

I made mine when putting two x’s at the beginning and end was cool, (even though it wasn’t actually cool).

And I was also new to yoyoing and thought the 888 was the best yoyo in the world. If I could change it, I would.

And I’d change it to Jyarados (Jair-uh-dose), which is kinda a nickname of mine. My friend and I were talking about Pokemon and I said I like Gyarados a lot so he photoshopped a picture of my head on a Gyarados body. And so my friends called it the Jyarados, because my name is Jarid.

That’s awesome haha.

And you can change your username, just PM a mod and ask them.

I just made up my name years ago, and thought it sounded BA. Lucky for me, it’s free 99% of the time. 2 other names I usually use are Brynhold (again, made it up), and Sephyra. I was trying to decide a name for a character in a game, and one of my friends suggested it. I thought it sounded awesome, so I was like sure, sounds good to me. I later found out it was from Eragon (Saphira is the actual spelling, but I just spelled it how it sounded to me.

Skitrz was my vanity plate. Skitrz=ski trees
My life has revolved around skiing since I was twelve.

So, my first name is Greg… and my last name starts with “P”…

I know, it ain’t no “Tell-tale Heart”, but it’s a true tale!

Well… Andy is my name… And 569 is my lucky number. It was my first gf’s fav number before she moved, never told me why though… Will always remain a mystery I guess…

When I was a kid, I used to love teddy bears. When I turned like 9, I had all of mine taken away. So, I started snuggling with my pillows. After a while, my parents caught on to what I was doing and they couldn’t really do anything about it. I wasn’t alowed to take them out of my room (which I did, excessively) or stay in my room all day, to play with them. So, I made a colony of pillows and tried a vareity of suffixes for pillow until I arrived at “Pillowite’s”. You would think it was “white-pillow” backwards without the “h”, but it wasn’t. I had other allied tribes (my older brother was my roommate and his pillows were often called this) named “Cushonians”. So, for an assortment of things, including steam and origin, my name is one of a kind.

Idk funny word lolz.

Just kidding. All my friends think I am this derpish character that really has no social skills (I’m not too bad) and awkward around girls and all that. I’m a geek. And whenever they would tease me, they would busy out some T-Rex arms and go “Narrrrd”. Why? I don’t know. I don’t mind it, we have been friends forever. So then the word nard was like my stamp. Between my group of friends I was nard. So after another conversation teasing me, they came up with nardbucket, nardbagel, nardwaffle, and a million more. But nardcopter stuck. And I kinda like it.

I don’t really remember how I came up with mine. I’m sure it’s a long convoluted story.

Spencer Reynen


Simple - This gentleman:

Maurits Cornelis Escher…

Favorite artist since I was a boy - Been using it in some form for nearly 20 years.

and my favorite image, the one that got my interest initially…

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Because my mom would get annoyed if i said “sup breh” to her :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus its pretty catchy IMO.

My parents named me.

My business name.

I spent the majority of my adult life flying helicopters for the FBI, and was affectionately called
“the stick man” by my peers because of being a pilot and flying an aircraft that still uses a stick.
I was also called “Flyboy”, but I hated that name.
So… the name “stickman” has been something I have been called for a very long time. I’m still called that by my former collegues to this day.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the history of peoples usernames…great thread !!

And here I thought it would have something to do with this book! ->

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Just a brony haha. If I would change it, I would make it “The Distance” because I’m obsessed with Cake right now.

Well. It all started in Combat Arms (a PC FPS game by Nexon). I had a friend whose name was MyBBQ. I was in the same clan as he, and I had some spare NX (Nexon points/cash you purchase with real money). So, I changed my name from ForeverXXL to YourBBQ.

From then on, all of my accounts everywhere have been YourBBQ or Vincent Goh.