what inspired you/ why is your username on yoyoexpert what it is

mine is supbreh1234 because when i say “sup breh” to my mom she gets frustrated in a funny way :smiley: plus me and a friend use that whenever we hang out lol

why is your yoyoexpert username what it is ???

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My name is Spencer Reynen, and SR are my initials, so yeah.

Alot of people think it’s Sr. (like as in Jr. and Sr.)

If I had to go back and redo it I’d just put my name.

Hippo Samurai is my Xbox live gamertag.

Infinitehexick is my gamer tag on Xbox also

DrAwesomePhdlol is my minecraft username

I use Pizzaparty78 for everything, but I got that from when I was trying to make an account for Club Penguin like 5 years ago (I dont play anymore :P) and my sister asked me what I wanted my name to be, and I said that I wanted pizza, and we were about to go to a party, so I did Pizzaparty, and as for the numbers, I was 7, almost 8, so I just did Pizzaparty78. :slight_smile:

I am a professional kart racer i used to race maranello kart but now i race alons kart and my name would be alonsokid, http://img.tapatalk.com/aeff7388-1084-90b7.jpg

WOW :o

It’s my gamertag

I was recording rap music when I was younger, and I had a name I used for that.  Over time that name became a whole sentence, sort of how Soulja Boy uses the name “Soulja Boy Tell 'Em”, which is a whole sentence, but it was shortened to Soulja Boy.  Anyway, I was the opposite, I had a name and added “The TotalArtist” at the end of it after awhile.  My name became a whole sentence.  I never officially added it, but I would include it on promos and things.  I was overusing the music name on other forums unrelated to yo-yos, so when I signed up for YYE forum, I decided to use the TotalArtist part of the name instead.

I called myself the TotalArtist because in the music industry, some people write songs, some people produce music and play instruments, and some people perform.  I was doing it all, so I think a complete music artist is a “TotalArtist” and so that’s where the name came from.  Most people think it has something to do with me making yo-yo holders, but it had nothing to do with that at all.  It retroactively applied to that.

When I made those yo-yo songs, I sort of came out of retirement lol.  I’m old school, but I can still do my thing. 

I’m a snow skier, ski all the time, missed 4-6 weekends durring season since I was 12, skitrz=ski trees. Skitrz was my vanity plate for many years.

I wanted a video game name about 10+ years ago that no one would ever have, so I threw a bunch of letters together that never belong together and this is what I got.

Because I died at one point
If you believed me I will slap you.

Because when I first started yoyoing, I thought the 888 was the best.

I’d love a name change lol.

It’s my full name backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

Well when I joined I used to be theyoyoist101 but later changed it M.DeV1 because my name is Mason and the first letters of my last name are DeV.

DB stands for Diamond Bar which is where I live and I’m a yoyoer.

I drive a Honda S2000, also known as an S2k, or “stook” among the herd. So, I think then I just went a little Jersey Shore with it and “stookie” had a ring to it.

The names of 3 characters from a book I’m writing in my spare time. It’s also my email and youtube channel name.

I’d like to hear more about how yoyospirit died though, lol.

It is my name