Username Meanings

What is the meaning of your username (s)?


iHateMATT because rather than hating others…hate YOURSELF!


Tell Me What’s Yours!

Samad is my name

Logan is my name

Kim-Lan is my name.

I couldn’t think of anything, so I made something of my fav. trick.


my real name is Liam.

I picked Ewski because it’s the last part of my first name- Ruschewski (roo-shef-skee). It’s my mom’s maiden name.

I was coincidentally thinking of kevlar armor from counterstrike but since someone chose kevlar, i added 14 for the hell of it

mine is Wolk because both me and my dad’s favorite animal is a wolf so w-o-l from wolf and then k from Kenney which is my last name so Wolk

honza is my last name

You know mine:ANAGRAMS!

YoYoman is from the old Smothers Brothers Yo-Yo Segment.

I made this account when my favorite yoyo was a grind machine

Dang Straight! i bet almost no one knows who they are anymore…

anyways _|@<06 is Jacob using all symbols and thats my name, just mixing it up by bein different lol ;D

lost prophets are one of my fav bands and thats the nickname i have on my PS3.

and it sounds better than Daniel

me an a guy a used to work with were messing about at work and and a snoop dogg song came on the radio, i start acting all “GANGSTA!” WUT WUT! and rapping along like the fool i am and my friend says “FOW SHIZZLE OLITIZZLE” my real name being Oliver Tennant! so OLI T drizzle some gangta on it and you get olitizzle! lol it just kinda stuck after that!

I used to play Runescape (level 98 p2p), and a guy hacked my brother’s friend’s account. His name was Rsmod9876543 or something. I thought it sounded cool. But i didn’t know what it meant (level 40?), so i just used it for lots of stuff.

rs = runescape, mod = moderator.

So, even though i know what it means, i don’t play runescape, but i still use it cause it sounds cool.

Don’t play runescape, it will ruin your life, especially after losing 5 million.

Yo- for yoyo
Crazy goofy- goofy is my favorite cartoon character and he is crazy l0l

I cannot reveal such information.

It means me :wink:

I was in a phoenix phase 3-4 years ago. I had to use a nickname for a website and phoenix was taken. So I just basically swapped the O out with an extra E. It’s still pronounced like phoenix though.