the "where did you get your name" thread

given the limited number of active members, i dont expect this thread to last long, but i think it would be interesting to hear the story behind the name…

as for me, it was a bit of a dyslexic misspelling of a biblical person Zerubbabel from middle school… i dont understand how, but somehow it became a nickname, and has become my web name

found in luke 3:27… some versions spell differently

please, continue

As a musician, I play guitar and I am endorsed by Ibanez guitars.
And my DOB is on 1988.

It’s my first name tailed off with the first letter of my last name.

In less personal online “areas” I go by Proxymate and Frank Greeford (in some cases HansGreeford dues to character limits). Proxymate does not come in handy while playing starcraft because I instantly lose any opportunity to proxy someone, as they look at my name and start having workers patrolling their base. I did adapt that name before I started Starcraft though. It’s really just a spinoff on the proximity “word-family”. I have never really looked into it as I just thought it was a cool name, but I guess you can analyze it and say that I’m a CloseFriend or a “Proxy Mate”, it kinda ruins the name for me though.

Frank/Hans Greeford is a funny one. This derives from a funyn radioprogram that aired aired 25 broadcasts in 06 and 25 in 08. In 06 they had this small part where they wanted to see how much they could get done in Dutch, without actually knowing the language. They called up hotel Kraznapolski in Amsterdam and just fired random gibberish at this poor girl working in reservations. At one point she asks if he speaks English, and he answers with “no English”. Then he manages to say that he is Dutch, and the girl just feels terribly guilty. video: , skip to 1:10 to avoid the Norwegian talk.

Anyway, in 08 they continued messing with different services in the Netherlands (including a gender operation consulation phone, a bikeshop and a boat rental service). This time using the name Frank Greeford instead of Hans Greeford.

Also with a bit of a misspelling.

Mine just randomly popped into my head…

Mine came from online games were it says who got you. It’s a joke because when you do get what it says that nobody shot you.

I played inFAMOUS 2 and I liked the name of Agent Kuo. And so I used it for pretty much all of my SN’s after that.

I used to play bass in a band called Minus One and my friend Frank started calling me Minus Mike…it just stuck.

I play guitar, I yoyo: guitaryo.

when i was little my dads friend use to call me slick or hotrod.when i got my current dog he would get out of the gate and he would slide on the floor when he would come in so we named him slick and hotrod was left so i used it

dojo rhyms with yoyo lol


YTCT=Yo til ya can’t throw. 102 is the numbers on my address. Something I came up with. Short and simple and easy to remember.

Misspelling of siarnaq from megaman Zx. MN stands for model number. 42 is my favorite number.

I like turtles and yo-yos

It was taken from a Payless commercial in the 80’s. An old Jewish lady would call her grandson Stephoosh. Steve (which is my real name) was his name too.

You actually pronounce it stephoosh, but I like to spell it with one “O”.

My name is Carl Gelfand.

Gizmo + yo= Gizzyo

Freinds called me Joe Shmoe and i pt yoyo in it so Joe-Yo-Shmoe-Yo Joeyoshmoeyo

I live in Diamond Bar and I yoyo.

I’ve said this story a million times, so here we go again… When I was 7, my sister was making an account for me for this game when my sister asked me what I wanted to have my name be when I said, well, I want pizza and I feel like going to a party, so pizza+party= pizzaparty! My sister said I needed a number, so since I was 7 at the time, almost 8, I thought 78. Since then ALL my usernames have Pizzaparty in them in some way. 78 is now my favorite number too. I love that name. My friend is now annoyed with the name because I use it so much. lol :smiley: