Why did you pick your YYE name?

So in this thread, tell us why you chose your name on this site. Is it your real name? Or last name? Or did it just sound cool?

For me, I chose “YoYo143” because I was really excited to get on this site, so I just put yoyo, and 143 sounded cool together ;). I wanted to change it, but didn’t know how. I do now but I dont really want to because you guys would be like “who’s that guy? Why does he have such a high post count he’s still new!” haha.

Been my business name since 1990 or so.

It’s pretty much my online identity.

I know more about it now, but I used to think you made music or something, so I was looking for a radio station. I saw “studio 54 radio” I thought it was your station for the longest time… Them I remembered its 42…

It’s my name. Jamie is short for Jameson.

I do make music. I’ve helped release a handful of full length albumbs and worked on a ton of others, too many to count.

Right now the focus is live sound/concert production.

My name is Nate. As far back as I can remember, or at least since Warren G and Nate Dogg came out with “Regulate” in the summer of '94, people named Nate have been nicknamed Nate Dogg. When I got my first car I wanted my license place to say “NatesRide” but you could only fit 7 digits on a license plate in Colorado so I changed the spelling of “Nate” to “N8” so N8SRIDE could fit on my license plate.

Anyway, that’s the origin story for N8dogg. A skinny white nerd from the mountains of Colorado who has absolutely never “regulated” in his life. :wink:

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Cause its my real name Erik Kerber yoyo lover minecraft player oh yea! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Iyoyo, check out the thread that ask the same question lol…

Bcmaddog, famous MOH2 player.

CLASSIFIED! :slight_smile:

Why would it be classified its just a YYE forum name?

If it really is a big secret you dont have to reply to this im just wondering

I had a fool’s gold avalanche and loved it. so I made my name fools gold digger as a pun off of a gold digger

Just making a joke.

Oh ok ;D ;D ;D

when i created my email i picked rockerkid13 because i love rock music and i play 3 insturments and 13 is my favorite number and it just stuck

The day I made the handle, I had a particularly taxing soccer game that I had refereed. My youngest son heard me sit down at the computer with groans of pain.

“You sound like an old geezer” he said, just as I went to create my profile.

Yoyo + old geezer that I am quickly becoming.Perhaps I should have gone with: yoyocurmudgeon.


Its the name I use everywhere because it is a name I made up the spelling to for one of my snakes.
Since I made it up the name is available most all places.

I forget.

Its my username for everything but really I got my username when I first created it for a webkinz account years ago…

I am the Doctor and my last name is awesome :wink:

I use andy569 as my username for everything… andy because… well… it’s my name… :smiley: and 569 was my 1st girlfriend’s favorite number, until she moved :stuck_out_tongue: