Why did you pick your YYE name?

Well mine is my name plus my favorite number… I know, how original!!!

I thought your minecraft username was greg1371?

When I first joined the YYE forums I had a pet abyssinian cat named Banjo Jinx so I took “Banjo” from my cat and “Spins” because of course that is what yo-yos do.

One month after I joined YoYoeXpert Banjo Jinx became very sick with something called feline infectious peritonitis or FIP for short. The veterinarians could do nothing to help as FIP is almost 100% fatal. He only lived two weeks after diagnosis and it was a difficult two weeks. He was a wonderful pet and I’m very proud to be able to continue on using my little Banjo’s name as my forum moniker.

i picked my name cause yolo

“mullicabob” basically originated from a fishing website I used to frequent. I live on the Mullica river in southern NJ and my name is Bob.

I have quite the rep for fishing my river. Bigger rep for my mouth though :wink:

My name is Quinton. Quinton starts with Q.

I was sitting at the computer one day, asking myself what my online handle should be, I’m known in many competitive gaming groups and Magic Online as 11hour, but that seemed to sinister for a lowly yoyo forum, so I went deep in the tank and tried to come up with something else. I has started off with “Insidiousseventeen” because it sounded amazing, but again, too sinister for a yoyo forum. So agani I went deep into the tank. I drew circles on my desk with sharpie until my dog nudged my, causing me to push a line through one of the circles I had been making. I stared at the line, it was my muse. For two weeks, I sat in front of my monitor, the “Create Account” logo reflecting off of my glasses, for about two weeks. I would go from staring at the unrelenting field that longer for my user name, to the mistake I had made with a line and a circle. At one point, I had decided on a name “Linewithacirclethroughit”, but alas, it had been taken. So I sat, and sat, and sat, until it hit me. “Queue” was perfect.

that’s my brothers I use his cause I’m broke.

Cram is a nickname I got from an ex, and crammitfrog is kind of a play on words based on the Sesame Street character Kermit the Frog. My name is Graham and I get asked “how do I cram all the Graham” quite often. I’m usually feelin froggy and jump long and far so cramm it frog just kind of works all around :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats all around awesome :smiley:


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You just made my night.

A student nicknamed me ‘dubz’ after the double u (w) my last name begins with. (Mr Dubz)- my first name starts with a ‘J’ and most people who know me personally call me ‘Jay’. Therefor I am jdubz

Corey- my name

Croco- 2 years ago i was the crocodile in peter pan on stage.

As a joke, on the curtain call list they put “crococorey” for me.

And it stuck. So, crococorey.

Because I am the anti-PatCondon.

Cause my first throw was a Duncan Avenger. I still have half of it lol.

I have a Duncan Avenger still in excellent health. I remember when I bought it I thought I really had something there. You know what, it’s still an OK looper.

Yea I got it when I was really little. Funny story, I was actually supposed to get a No Jive I believe but my order was delayed and since I was patient my dad upgraded me to the Avenger. Sadly my friend stripped it’s axel when I was just starting up again in 5th grade.

I used to have an Ed Emberly “Big Green Drawing Book”'mad there were little aliens called Zorts. I was obsessed with them.

Then my dad got an Xbox. I was really little so I only could play my lego games on his account. When I was 6-7 I got my own account. I wanted to be Zortman, but that was already taken, but I didn’t want numbers in it, so I put ZortCommander. It just stuck with me because I really liked it.

I was in 7th or 8th grade and I needed a new screen-name on ICQ (I’m not sure how many people are old enough to remember that lol). I was really into Dream Theater and played a lot of 7-string guitar. Since I needed something that described me (7-string) and I have a really rare form of dyslexia where I see all words backwards and I couldn’t start an ID with numbers, gnirts7 just kind of happened. It has turned into my on-line identity for a little over 10 years now. I use it for just about everything that I do and I have even had co-workers call me “Nerts.”

gnirts7 = 7string for the people that I may have lost

Then her favorite number changed?

Finally, someone who likes Dream Theater other than me and my dad!