Why did you pick your YYE name?

haha ICQ hehe…

I believe he was referring to the people that “got lost” reading the story and didn’t understand the dyslexia caused “7string” to be “gnirts7” :slight_smile: Not that he actually lost 7 people in his life when he was in 7th grade

this made me literally LOL. I could see the confusion there though.

Dream Theater is the most popular unknown band of all time haha. Amazing band and inspiration. I’m throwing while listening to them right now

I picked my YYE name because I am obsessed with yoyos and know a lot about yoyos. That’s all I do all day yoyo yoyo yoyo. Therefore I am a yoyo nerd.

I have always used shen703 for my other various accounts so I just decided “why not for yye?”

I love Dif-e-yo yoyos especially tank and I’m known for telling odd yo mamma jokes so that explains the name but you may be wondering why the 2 “m’s” and the “a” are capitalized and that’s because I like to watch MMA fights.

I really wanna bump this.

Wanted to mod yoyos. And i was around ten.

Beacause I wanted people to know my real name so that one Day when I win worlds people can say hey I know him from YYE (without the winning worlds part LOL)

I used to be named Nmaster999 but I don’t know why but my YYE account was deleted after leaving it for about 2 years.
So might as well make a new one and I called myself DRN (instead Dr.N. because apparently there is already a Dr.N) because my friends keeps calling me “Doctor” for no reason, probably because I was playing medic with him in TF2.

Last name is sparhawk which is what my friends call me

only natural to use it as my screen nickname as well

Bcuz Yolo

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It was my fraternity nickname in college! ;D

Rosario + YoYo = Rosariyoyo

Because I have a big yoyo… if you know what I mean

Its my (chosen, not True) name. Tamurello Ocello. Also good for skype, league of legends, and twitter once its changed.

There was a crappy movie ‘IMO’ called Six-String Samurai. Imdb-it.

Yoyo’s only have one string, and Samurais are awesome. So it was going to be OneStringSamurai as a silly pun of the movie title . Did not like the name, so took out the one.

Two Chefs I worked with started mine about 7 yrs ago. Thank you Juan & Alex !!:sunglasses: