what inspired you/ why is your username on yoyoexpert what it is

Well, I hope someone actually reads this!! Okay, so my name is Jordan and on the day of the National Yo-Yo Contest, I will officially have been throwing for a complete year. Excluding the 2 months before that that I started yo-yoing just for fun!! So, when I went to Nationals and met André, I got super inspired!! So I bought a Dark Magic II and he signed it so I was suuuper excited! So, my username is my first name followed by my favorite yo-yo!!!

My full name is Ian Stewart, si I replaced my first name with the style I enjoyed and was trying to learn at the time.

It’s my name.

first name, and first letter of my last name.


It sounds creepy…

Long story short.

Gizmo + Yoyo = Gizzyo



just realized. awesome!

You didn’t accept my friend request D: (Error Ming Li)

Well, it all started in a game called Combat Arms. My friend was ImBBQ, my other friend was WeBBQ, so I decided to change my name from ForeverXXL to YourBBQ. I used the username for almost everything; my YT, my passwords for my accounts on websites, and yeah.

Its my real name.

That’s amazing. I wish it was true.

Siarnaq from megaman zxa is my favorite boss in all of megaman and I accidentally misspelled it. The MN is model number and 42 is my favorite number. The underscore is just to make it more serial code-y. I was going to get the misspelling fixed but ive used it for so many accounts I decided just to run with it.

Hitchhikers’ Guide?


I’ve used this name online for over 10 years. Homestarrunner fans might recognize it. \m/


Coworker called me it at work and I thought it was cool haha, so it was between that or my gt at the time.

Siarnaq was an awesome character. I loved his voice and speech patterns. Great game series.

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I’m so happy someone understands my humor. I thought I was alone in the world.

I was unoriginal… sigh