The "What's your username?" thread

OK here’s how it’s going to be. What I do is start off by saying my username. After that, I ask what the next person’s username is. Then they answer and do the same.

Here we go:


What’s your username?

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My name’s Trace?

May I inquire your name sir?


Whom shall fall prey to my name knowing powers?

My name is Hippo Samurai, and it is a pleasure to meet you all.
What might your username be?

my name is augmented loyalty or aug/augmented for short, it a pleasure to meet all your kind sirs

I am UlmerIsANerd,also known as Ulmer…
And who else might be entering the door of the fine establishment?

I’m Mason-chan KAWAII

My username is JamesMay. Its short for James Last of Mohican Living of the Dead McGuffin May.

Im xxjohnsonxx but depending who you talk to my name is either “Jake” or “JOHNSON” yes people scream my last name no joke caps are needed.
so whut be yo nayum yo?

You guys must be bored!
Might I suggest picking up a yoyo? ::slight_smile:

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Bored? I don’t know what that means! ;D

what’s your username?


Can I ask what your username is?

So nice to meet you, what is your username?

No. dingo54

Hello, not to sound weird, but you mind telling me your username?

Yes, my username is yoyofoot.

What is your username, if you don’t mind?

My username is senpai-sama-chan.

What’s your username‽

The names cucumber, Larry cucumber.

The names Yoinator how bout yours?