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The “Sanchez” part of my name was a nickname that was given to me my freshman year if high school from a person I wouldn’t call a friend, because I am part Mexican. Unfortunately for me, it stuck because my friends thought it was hilarious. That was my name for all of high school. Every time I met someone new I was introduced as “Sanchez”. After those people got to know me, they were shocked to discover that nowhere in my name is there a “Sanchez”. They all thought it was my last name. I grew to hate the name after graduating, and now I don’t want my name to be Sanchez.

The “202” is something I borrowed off of Dave202’s stage name. He’s DJ that made a song I really liked. I liked the song enough to borrow part of his name.

Did I think my yye name was cool back in '09 when I made it? Yes. Do I think it’s cool now? Not at all.


Mine was part of my music artist stage name, back in the day.  Some of you may be familiar with Tyler The Creator.  Similar to his name, my name included The TotalArtist.  When I signed up on here, I didn’t want to use the main part of my name, so I used the second part…TotalArtist.  It always irked me that I didn’t capitalize the “A” in artist, but I’ll do that today.

This is my answer in a similar thread last year. For those who want to read what people said before:


I searched and couldn’t find a similar thread D:


Elluzion comes from a name i had years ago through a runescape classic account… Its just always stuck with me… Also it can relate to how life can feel like an illusion at times (well it basically is)…

Ive also used names like Ekliptic too :wink:


I had a pet lizard named Phil.


For a (short) while my mom gave me the nickname Stringking because of my yoyoing. I made my account at about the same time so I used that as my username. The nickname has faded but the forum name is still the same. Most other places I call myself Yoyowoodchuckguy though.

(UmeNagisa) #27



Boya-Stupid way of saying Boy

Z-Cuz I’m Fancy

Asian Stupid boy Fancy



Homba means fox in the fictional language “lapine” from the novel Watership Down.

Foxes are my favorite animal, and Watership Down is a great story.


My last name is Russian and the “shank” part of it is spelled sczenk but pronounced shank. So I put crazy in front even though im not that outta my mind. The 2 was because crazyshanky was already in use by my uncle, I think anyway.

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Take “OWEN” (my name), flip it (you get “N3MO”), flip the “3”, then you get “NEMO”. Add “y” between the “m” and “o” (cause yoyos are fabulous) and you get “nemyo”


Dr cause you can trust me and I’m just awesome also my username on countless other things


… I like yoyos kendamas


East + the field = Øst + engen in norwegian. My last name is Østengen :slight_smile:


Mozart was my nickname in elementary school and I was born in '99


It was the name of one of my snakes. Schnayke is what I use on every forum or anything I need a user name for.


I liked a 2-d motorcycle game called X-Moto a lot, I played it all the time.  My name is Tobias, but everyone calls me Toby. 

Everything I need an account for is xmotoby. It’s never taken.

I heard that song first in a trial biking video of Danny Macaskill!  Then I found out that my dad had a CD with the whole album. Got the album.


Mine is a book I was reading at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I hear that song I think of this.


It’s a little known fact that I am actually a kangaroo.


…and I am the banjo Steve Martin plays on the majority of the cuts of his latest album…