Your Five Favorite Musical Artists (explain why)

  1. Lacuna Coil: Best female vocalist EVER. However there are only select songs I listen too, but they are wicked awesome
    tied for 5th
  2. Demon Hunter: The best Christian metal I have yet to hear, but I dont care for their early albums
  3. Muse: Ever since ‘Absolution’ I have been admiring them
    tied for 4th
  4. Apocalyptica: Cellos+metal=awesomness. Such an interesting sound that you cant stop listening too
  5. Switchfoot: I have been listening to them since…I dont care when. They’re just really good
  6. Skillet: I have been a fan of them since I was 7, I have been listening to them for nine years
  7. Kamelot: The first song I heard from them was 5ex to my ears. While hearing all of their music I was sent through multiple “eargasms” and phases of me not wanting to hear anybody else. They are THAT good. This is the definition of metal

Post your five (or ties)

Honorable mentions: Roy Orbison, D.O.A., The Clash, Discharge, The Meteors, The Ramones, Mad Sin, Matt Freeman, The Quakes, Sonata Arctica, Slayer, Frantic Flintstones, Hammerfall

My top five is very difficult because I listen to a large variety. Here we go:

  1. Demented Are Go
    To me, they embody psychobilly. Just pure awesomness. Fave songs are: “I Wanna Be Your Slave” , “Red River Bloody Staircase” and “Transexual Lesbian”. Spark’s voice is amazing and his lyrics define Psychobilly.

  2. Les Claypool
    Possibly the most innovative bassist and song writer on earth. Amazing, unique style. I have every Primus album

  3. Johnny Cash
    Legendary genre crossing musician who had more respect than anyone

  4. Eddie Cochran
    The reason I love him is because he was so talented and died way too young. If you listen to songs like “summertime blues” or “cut across shorty” ; you can really hear the raw guitar and vocal talent. It’s a shame that he died after only releasing one album.

  5. Gunsmoke
    IMHO Gunsmoke is the epitome of truly original and powerful music. They are by the far the most original Psychobilly band I have heard in a long time. Everything about them is perfect. “Always Blue” and “Nothing Left To Say” are so powerful and heartfelt.

  6. D.R.I.
    The Dirty Rotten Imbeciles embody the union of two genres of music that were segregated before they came along. Punk and Metal. These guys invented Thrash. There songs are always a perfect blend and never fumble or are never awkward. I love “Beneath The Wheel” and “Gun Control”. Very good writing and aggresion.

  7. Iron Maiden
    IMHO the greatest, purest metal band ever. They are the precursors to Power Metal. Everything about them is legendary. I neednt say anymore.

  8. Devo
    Probably the hardest band to compare anything to. These guys invented their own sound and down Soooooooooo many genres. They traverse: punk, rock, indie, electronic, humour, artcore, avant garde, and they invented new wave. The musicianship on songs like: “March On” , “Gates Of Steel” and “Gut Feeling” are completely unparalleled by any other band. Their lyrics are also amazingly thoughtful and insightful.

  9. Brian Setzer
    He is undoubtedly the greatest guitarist and musician on earth. No one can play and sing like can. All his bands are amazing. Stray Cats, Nitro 77, The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Personal favorite songs are “Switchblade 327”, "Trouble Train, “Elvis on Velvet” and “I Won’t Stand In Your Way”

  10. Bad Religion
    The greatest political punk band in the history of music. Their fury, sincerity, and power is rarely equaled. Greg Graffin is inarguably one the greatest lyricists in any form of music. This hand has consistently put out amazing thought provoking records for 30 years (they just released another album last month). Their line-up is almost the same as it was 30 years ago. Amazing band. They got into punk rock when I was 13. Favorite songs are “You”, “Recipe For Hate”, “**** Armagedon This Is heck”.

I didn’t feel that I needed to list Elvis Presley because its obvious that he is the greatest Rock n’ Roll frontman ever. And I cannot put him on the list cause #1 doesn’t even do him justice

1: Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew: Its pirate rap. There is nothing more in life that you could need.

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Jay Z-raw
Biggie Smalls-raw

  1. Paramore - Haley williams is an excellent singer. I love their music, and R!OT is an amazing album!
  2. Tool - Maynard James keenan is an amazing vocalist. Adam Jones is such a good guitarist, I really like his style. Danny Karey is one of the best drummers EVER.
  3. System of a Down - Serj Tankian is a wonderful singer. I love all their songs, and their bassist is pretty good too.
  4. Muse - Matthew Bellams is extremely talented. They make such great music as a 3 person band.
  5. Rage Against the Machine. Zach De la Rocha’s politically charged lyrics + Tom morellos innovative solos + Timmy C’s funky bass riffs + Brad Wilks Angry drumming = the best band ever.

5.)Van Halen- Eddie Van Halen is an amazing guitarist. Have you heard eruption!?!?!

4.)Rush- I really like Getty Lee’s voice and Neil Peart is an expert drummer.

3.)Metallica- i love the guitar and the beat of the songs.

2.)AC/DC- Angus young is a pretty good singer and i really like the guitar.

1.) Aerosmith-love the guitar beats and they have made one of the best comebacks in the history of music. They are just really good…

skrillex-he’s sick
bloody beetroots-house music is the winzorz >:D
deadmau5-not as much but still house music >:D
nujabes-jazz rap is good too :]
mstrkrft-all time fave house artists

  1. gorillaz- amazing mix of rap while not being to popy or mainstream
  2. mgmt-great beat extremely catchy while not being to obnoxious
  3. cake- halariouse lyrics intresting instrumenals mixed with pop
  4. muse- harder rock while not becoming scremo or metal
    5 gnarls barkley- very interestin voice+ instrumentals

Correction: Angus young doesn’t sing. There aren’t guitar beats. its spelled Geddy.

wait, what does this have to do with yoyos?

Nothing. That’s why its in Unrelated Discussion

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In no particular order.

5 Finger Death Punch: The lead singer has so much emotion in his voice, plus the cover of Bad Company is Epic.

Older Linkin Park: What I mean by older is Meteora and earlier, Minutes to midnight was a whiny album, it sucked, there was no emotion. Ten Thousand Suns is good if you listen to it in its entirety, there are very few good songs if plucked out of the order in the album.

Evanescense: I love Amy Lee’s voice, and when their first album came out I was stoked, for years I had been saying that the world needed some hardcore rock with some crazy sexy female lead vocals who, let’s face it sings classical.

System of a Down: Lets face it, this is modern day gypsy rock. The lyrics are very vague but always has a meaning, this leaves each song (generally speaking) up to interpretation by the listener. Political Hatred in a song is almost ALWAYS a win.

mc chris: He is pretty unknown, underground if you will. His songs portray some good themes, I have been told his beats are too “simple” but again his lyrics always make up for that this is Eminem’s high pitched little brother (who happens to be older than Eminem).

Lil Wayne : BOSS
Eminem : legit
Bruno mars
Dr. Dre : he’s a doctor
Taio Cruz : great party music



Just one, SLASH! He plays the best solos (imo).Example: Sweet Child O’ Mine

SOLO (Live at Tokyo) Singer: Axl Rose

WHOLE SONG (Live at MTV Classic Launch) Singer: Myles Kennedy

SLASH TACKLED! (Live at Milan) Singer: Myles Kennedy
Slash can’t continue his solo because the guy broke the neck of his guitar.

You have pretty darn good taste. Although I’d add…

Justice- Great basslines and melodies.
RDj2- Amazing mixing
Death Cab for Cutie- Flat out awesome music
RATM- Has some pretty crazy stuff.

LOL. And not offense Lil Wayne looks like a bum
Allow me to say something here: You my friend, Mr.888, know nothing about rap. Dwayne Carter is one of the absolute best hip hop artists to ever exist. In all honesty, when people talk smack about Weezy, it’s usually just because they’ve realize that they, no matter how hard they try, will NEVER be a awesome as he is. You know it. The world knows it. The world is in denial.

Now, my top 10:

10: Ke$ha
9: Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
8: The Black Eyed Peas
7: Judas Priest
6: AxCx
5: The Killers
4: Lil Wayne
3: Eminem
2: Weezer
1: Guns N’ Roses

Yeah GN’R! ;D
I hope you’re talking about the old GN’R, you know, before Slash left.

Totaly dude. The new Guns N’ Roses is great, but you just can’t beat the old AxlSlashIzzyDuffSteven line up!