Your first car

I just recently got my license (I’m 19. a bit late, but I didn’t really need it until now) and am now in the market for my first car. Looking for either a z31, 4th gen mustang, an old supra, or pretty much any manual FR.

Anyways, what was your first car? (for those of you old enough to drive)

A toy car when I was very small.

A used Datsun B210. 1980 I think. :slight_smile:

Toyota Corolla. Standard transmission to rock the absolutely race-ready 98hp engine it had.


1990 Jeep Cherokee 5-Speed

2000 Honda Civic Si

78 green pimped out T-Bird. I miss that car.

well im 17 my first vehicle may be considered a 1971 dodge d200 but it blew up before i got my license now i swapped engines and am restoring it but my first real driving vehicle i traded my quad for a 1997 chevy 6.5l turbo diesel then i wrote that off and bought a 1996 dodge cummins turbo diesel 5 speed then i traded that off onto a 2000 subaru 2.5rs coupe 5spd

1987 Mitsubishi Montero 4-Dr. 155hp of pure beast…
My oldest son is driving it now.

A 57 chev 2 door.

Day I bought it:

First day I got stuck:

And once I got back home:

Mine was a volvo 240 DL.
I would check how much insurance would be on those cars you are looking at buying. You may find you don’t want one after all.

My first car was a Hot Wheels Dump Truck :).

Well I can’t drive for 2 months and 10 days, but my parents said if I keep my grades up (above an A-) they will buy me a new Chevy Malibu :slight_smile: pretty good deal in my opinion

Volvo s70 t5 240 hp.

Still driving a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo; it’s pretty horrifying.

oh man, so nice to see someone actually using their wrangler for what it was made for. I see way too often people who only take them on paved roads.

Thanks for the warning. I’ve checked out insurance rates though and it’s not too bad for most.

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Well I am still not old enough to drive but my dad said he will give me his classic 1960s Mini Cooper we I am old enough

oh my

Nice car. Have a V70 2.5T myself.