Corvette vs. Lamborghini

A Corvette that will keep up with a Lamborghini is going to be extremely, extremely expensive. Base model will run you 60k and wont touch a new Lambo. There are much faster cars to be had for cheaper than a Corvette. And Lambos aren’t hype, that’s called heritage. Granted, its Italian trash, but it is a heck of a car made by a company that has a long history of ripping up the track.
the R&D that goes into a high end car like that is EXTENSIVE. LS engines redline around 7000, Aventador spins a longer stroked bigger engine up to 8500 off the showroom floor.

Oh, and one. One world title has been taken with the Shutter. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

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Lambos aren’t track cars and Corvettes have been getting some amazing lap times recently.

Thank you.

60k vs. 400k+ for the Lamborghini aventador. And you can buy a Lamborghini body and drop a different brands engine in it for less than half the price, Bam did it.

By “track”, I mean their F1 efforts and decades of other series not some hacks tooling around a local track.

I’m not saying you should buy a Lamborghini over a Corvette, I think they’re both equally useless a-hole cars. I’m just saying they are not comparable. Same way a Shutter and Draupnir aren’t.

Why buy a Lamborghini without the only part of the car that makes it worth while? What are you gonna drop into it, a 302? Haha.

The words “hype” and “name brand” are generally brought up by people that aren’t capable of understanding the relentless work and dedication it takes to bring a truly remarkable product to market. Quality craftsmanship is expensive.

Pretty obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about.


It is pretty obvious to me as well Yoyo. Milers, If you read actually read my post instead of just getting mad that I compared a corvette to a lambo, you would notice that I never stated that the corvette would outperform a Lamborghini, though I’m sure if you put both through an all-inclusive testing, in many conditions it would. That is beside the point though, as I said, I never claimed that.

And if you feel $400,000 for the lowest model of a vehicle is reasonable, then you sir are the most successful 23 year old I’ve ever spoken to.

The fact is, you can buy a 2014-2015 Corvette with a top speed of 195 mph (est.) with a V8 for $51,995, while the Aventador has a claimed top speed of 217 mph achieved with a V12 for over $400,000.

Good luck finding anywhere you’re able to get your car up to and maintain that speed outside of the Audobon, with either car.

And yes, the shutter has won 1 world title. I’m having trouble finding anywhere on the internet where someone won a world title with a Draupnir. Facts are facts, bud.

Freehand Zero and Northstar must be comparable to things like the Draupnir too, then. They have World titles.

You’d be surprised what a mid-engine AWD layout will do to a car. Obviously top speed is mostly irrelevant, but good luck taking corners in a Corvette like in any mid-engine AWD car. Its just not gonna happen.
Granted, mid-engines were considered for the new Corvette, but they kept it up front to save money. Huh… making compromises to keep costs down vs doing things to make the vehicle perform better regardless of cost. Its almost like Lamborghini cares more about making things work than making things cheap. Imagine that.

This is of course before we start talking about the fact the Lamborghini is dry-sump, they have massive dual rotor hydraulic ceramic brakes, a.d the suspension is dialed in to a point that would make Chevy poop themselves.
Since you mention the top speed, which is obviously unimportant, should we talk about the fact that the Lamborghini does 0-60 in, oh… 2.9 seconds?

I’m done arguing about cars I hate. Budget YYF and high end throws are in different leagues, Corvette and Lamborghini are as well. That’s all I wanted to say.

Check out Laguna Seca times, it’s a pretty balanced track.

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Chevrolet has sold 25,950 corvettes between January and September for a total revenue of $1,349,270,250 in 9 months.

On the other hand, the Aventador was limited to 4,000 units, for a grand total of $1,600,000,000 total revenue available if the they sell every one. You’re right, that R&D is invaluable, mostly because they don’t allow themselves room to make any great amount of money off of them.

Let me guess, Lamborghini is exclusive, so resale values are higher? That does the company itself no good.

I would use another metaphor here to explain this, but I’m sure you wouldn’t agree that two different types of any categorized items are comparable and jhb would have to split of another thread because; though both are desserts, Tiramisu and cupcakes aren’t comparable.

The only person arguing here is the one that’s mad, you. I was just trying to use a simple metaphor to state my own opinion on a subjective situation. I forgot though, people aren’t allowed to have personal opinions on these forums because pretentious men-children can’t handle it when someone’s opinion differs from their own.

That’s a backyard hillbilly track if I’ve ever seen one.

The Corvette is not even comparable to most Lambo’s, much less an Aventador. The Corvette is most comparable to a Gallardo, and is superior in some ways and inferior in others. I will tell you one thing though, the Corvette is way more bang for the buck.

So how many people here have the $$ to support the argument either way? My guess is that no one here has or ever will have a Lamborghini. Some few may have the wherewithal to own a Corvette, but my guess is that it’s extremely unlikely. So it’s all hearsay. :wink:

Yeah, I’ll own a Lotus or Koenigsegg.

I drive this little fellow:

Am I allowed to get involved? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Ford Focus is the peak of American automotive manufacturing.



Compare an 09 zr1 to the lambo. Can’t quote specs like I used to be able to but I think the Corvette is as quick almost to 100 mph and has better handling.

I have no interest in owning either of these cars, JHB, nor did i say spending Lambo money is something i would do. All I’ve said this entire thread is that the Lamborghini is manufactured without compromise, to be the best they can.
And I have in fact driven several Corvette’s, all as boat-y feeling as the next.

Was someone trying to get cute about the Focus back there? Focus is a fine car.

Just checked and the vette is .4 seconds slower to 60 and handles better. That’s a zr1 though.

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Just my 2 cents.