Anybody with a cool car? Car mods?


Hey guys comment what kind of car you have / want and what u wanna do to it

I want a s10 extended cab on airbags with twin turbo lsx and 20s with custom interior all the way around and red with chrome trim


I really want a slammed Civic with no muffler -Every teenager in my neighborhood apparently.


I have a piece of junk Jetta that has a destroyed transmission. It started smoking out of the tailpipe.

Oh and I’ve hit like 2 deer with it. Does that count as a mod?


What car do I want?



If you can’t have the Koenisseg you’d rather have a GTR? I’m a big fan of American supercars, the Saleen S7 and Mosler MT900s are two of my favorites but I really like Vipers, especially phase 2.


I love s10s i want to have a junkyard of just s10s and blazers lol
But im not into all the sports cars and muscle cars i like the old school cruisers

(WildCat23) #7

I’d take a stock Civic over a riced out one any day, and I don’t even like Civics.

What car do I want?
Corvette Stingray 2014
Mustang GT 500

What will I likely own?
99 Mustang v6 (They’re dirt cheap in my area)


Actually, if I had to choose one to live with, I’d choose the gtr. Well, I’d probably sell the koenigsegg and buy whatever I wanted including a gtr. Its one of my alltime favorite cars.


Hmm, I thought the only appeal to the GTR was that its easy to drive really fast.


ive got a buick grand national that has its stock turbo but i just started running an air intake with alchohol and i just put 18’s on it and lowered it an inch and tomorrow im taking it to the local strip for test and tune day


So, basically, you’re saying different people can’t have different opinions? You’re like that one guy with the mustache!


lmao…WHAT?! XD


I have a '87 Suzuki samurai.


I’m kinda partial to late model Volvo turbos m’self.


Have an 04 350z with a handful of stuff done to it, visually and under the hood. Lowered a bit, some Enkeis, nothing over the top. Most notable change being the whole twin turbo rebuild.

It’s a nice place to dump my paycheck sometimes.


I’d want a Tesla Model S with the Tech Package and maybe a couple of other features. No idea when I’d be able to afford such a car though :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice car, Im a fan of those.

(JET) #18
Just picked this baby up from the dealership (ignore the watermark at the bottom, its just the dealer ships name)


How come it looks like a cartoon??? :wink:


Love my turbo Subarus…
(Not mine, just a quick photobucket grab)
Mines getting torn apart and rebuilt at the moment. Stroked 2.1, valve/valve train, mild cams, 20g, EWG and whatnot.
Should be stupid amounts of fun when its done. Its been down way too long.