You know you yo-yo too much when...

I did that the second I orderd my DM! ;D ;D

When you yoyo without a yoyo. When you yoyo until you bleed. When you care so much about yoyoing you have to get the right color.

When you drop your yoyo and ding it you blame the floor.

when you get a new yoyo and you dont even through away the packege it came in

When you copy the exact same post off of TheYo but word it differently…

When you get a hubstack yoyo just so you can throw while sitting down

first one i didn’t know existed

second one is the reason i bought my 888 ;D

When you still have your yoyo on your finger while you are going to the bathroom.

When you do you’re homework with the yoyo string on your finger, and the yoyo attached to it.

Thats exactly what i’m doing right now. ;D

THATS ME!!! lolz!!!

when you can’t leave your room without one in your hand

when people around you start calling your the bee keeper because they’re sick and tired of the buzzing noise :smiley: (true story)

you put off homework so you can yoyo some more!

your dead tired but continue yoyoing so you can nail that trick!

your yoyoing down the hallways during passing periods!

when you come to this site multipule times a day!

when your broke, because you spent all your money on yoyos!

u also know that u yoyo too much when ur callouses start opening up and bleeding

i dont think ppl calling u yoyoguy(girl) doesnt mean u yoyo too much. it just means theyve never seen tricks like that before

You know you yoyo too much when:

You have a yoyo with you all the time and when you are yoyoing, state that you need to make or change your string without looking at the string.

You do string tricks without a yoyo.

Whenever you see string you think if it is too thick or too thin for yoyo string.

You use your free time between classes in school to yoyo.

You argue that a yoyo is in fact a weapon.

Whenever some one says: Butterfly, BK, DNA, Bearing you think of yoyos.

Whenever you pick up an object, you think about how you can use it to mod your yoyo.

you now you yoyo to much when you post about how you yoyo to much on a yoyo forum in a thread about how you yoyo to much

Just saying, but there must be millions of these types of posts for everything, not just yo-yoing.

you try to figure out how you know you yo-yo too much.
you spend most of your time on yo-yo forums.
you yo-yo a lot…

When you look at your self and wonder where all the time has gone, all the time you spent yoyoing that could be used for somthing more productive, and then dont care. Thats when you know you yoyo too much

When you spend your non-yoyoing time making ninja stars to throw at teachers… I dont do this…

complain on how Chinese Cultural show don’t show Yo-yoing

when you always sign up yo-yoing in talent shows

when you find contests that you can go to even though they are 6 months away

When your new years resolution is to yo-yo better

when your new school year resolution is to study more than yo-yoing

when the conduct codes says to not bring yo-yo’s to school and the kids try to get you in trouble by yelling that out loud but the teachers could care less about the code because they feel younger when they see you yo-yo.

When you argue that yo-yoing is a sport

When you argue that the word “yo-yoing” is a real word

when you argue that “yo-yoer” is a real word

When You took your time to read my very long list of long run-on sentences

when you complain on how they don’t sell yo-yo’s at local stores such as Wal-Mart and Target

Yes!!! Someone its with me!

Asian brothas must stick together!

when you can’t think of something else because all the good reasons are taken

that is me exacly!

and may i add

you try to pursuade people to quit TEXTING and sucseed by letting them yoyo!