You know you yo-yo too much when...

1.When you yoyo.
2.When you try to yoyo in the car.
3.When you yoyo on the toilet.
4.When you have 5 yoyos
5.When you spend $100 on yoyos
6.When you don’t buy video games, you buy yoyos.
8.When you read my list.
9. When you want to know my reasons so badly you missed number 7.
10. When you look at number 7 for another reason why you yoyo too much.
12. When you want to find out why, you miss the fact there’s only 10 reasons.
13. When you look and count.

That is a Copy of :
[i]You know you live in 2009 when …

1.) you accidentally entered your password on a microwave

2.) you haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years

3.) the reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that they don’t have a screen name or myspace

4.) you’d rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the button on tv

6.) your boss doesn’t even have the ability to do your job

7.) you read this list and you keep nodding & smiling

8.) as you read this list you think of about sending it all to your friends

9.) and you were too busy to notice number 5

10.) you actually scrolled up back up to check that there was a number 5

11.) and now you’re laughing at your stupidity

12.) Put this on your youtube page if you got owned and you know you did[/i]

So that’s where it came from!

It’s a youtube channel thing that you post in your text as spam.

When You try to dress like a professional every Monday and Friday

Actually, I have Tan Shorts with pockets almost Identical to John Narum’s.

I have a Hat that looks like Yuuki Spencer’s.

proves my point

I got a calluse and I cut it the next day! ;D

your dead tired but continue yoyoing so you can nail that trick!

I am in the process of this, now, as we speak ::slight_smile: (freikin eli hops) ;D

Bump; I got a new one:

You have a proper funeral for your unfixable broken yo-yo.

This topic was a month old and didn’t need to be bumped. (Sorry, not trying to sound mean)

This thread can’t really “die”, it can keep going and going, so you can bump it because it will never end…

True. Obviously nobody was posting so it was in a coma or something =P

You have to keep stopping the grocery cart to bind your yoyo.

crud i got my new speedmaker 3 days ago and i already plan to get the speeder. good thing this is the 1st thing that describes me out of all ive read on this topic.

1.When you DID pick your girlfriend up with a yoyo( yep, did it.)
2.When you look at pop bottle lids and think"hey i could try to make a yoyo out of this."
3.When you have tried 4 times to get a small 50 cent yoyo out of a quarter machine(yep did that too).
4.When you have a dream that you met your favorite pro yoyo player.(Had dreamed that i ran into André at walmart once looking at the yoyos in the toy section) I know I’m wired.
5.When you dream that that pro gives you one of his/her yoyos(He gave me a legacy before they where released.
6.When you make yoyo tuts and vids constantly.(yep done that one.)
7.When you have had to break out a calculator to see ho much you have spent on yoyos.(I have spent 289 bucks on yoyo.)
8.When you post something like number 7 than do it to see because you wonder what it was.
9.When you sit on a yoyo forum for 30 mins trying to think up more of these things.
10. When you flip out on your brother for hiding your yoyos and not giving them back for 3 days.(yet another true story)
Well that’s all i got. Later.

Keep it spinning™

P.S 11.When you have a corny catch phrase on a yoyo forum.
P.P.S 12.When you put ™ after that phrase.

I don’t get that.

you want a new yo-yo so much that you resort to trusting weird crazy people that you don’t even know from a forum and give them your address just to get it.

There where different prizes in it ans I wanted a yoyo so I spent 2 bucks trying to get it out of there.

When you knit a case for your yoyo:

:stuck_out_tongue: ;D

When your relatives come to visit you make a list of all the yoyos you want :smiley:

When your shopping for pants you consider if the pockets are big enough to hold your yoyo

When you start day dreaming about being a pro and what your signature yoyo would be like.

When playing guitar you make up a song about yoyoing.

When you refuse hold your yoyo in a room your not supposed to play in, as you will get the irresistible urge to do a trick…and hit something.  :-\

When you get really annoyed when you do a web search for yoyo, and one of the results is for Yo-Yo Ma