too much

i dont know why everyone has so many yoyos…i only have three a DM, Legacy, and P2 and all of them (except for my P2) are so worn out they have scratches everywhere. why.

well some people find enjoyment in collecting them, and others are trying to find that perfect yoyo.
the rest probably think of it like with every new yoyo is a new experience and you have to try out a few before you can figure out what your preferences are.

true but people have like five of one yoyo

Collectors. Also, people like certain yoyos a lot. I would get more then one Dv888 if I could. It would be extremely useful.

Also, don’t worry about what yoyos other people have. Just go throw your own.

Having many of the same yo-yo also helps when the person like to compete. It helps a lot when you get a knot or something on stage.

Well, people like to try new yoyos to find that PERFECT one. But i’m with ya, I only have 2, soon ot be 3 :P. (sold my others)

I only have one of any yoyo besides my Brains but I was thinking of getting another Spinfaktor or two just because it is such a great yoyo and it’s sort of like paying tribute to such a wonderful creation.

I only have 4 dv888’s ::slight_smile:

and about 12 other yoyos but whatever