You know you should stop yoyoing when...

Hi guys!
Just a funny thought, you know you should stop yoyoing when…

Your grandma says “you are bad at yoyoing!”

You hit your face 20 times in a row.

Your mom starts “secretly” taking your yoyos.

Thats all I got.

Thanks for posting, if you do!



A. It’s harmful to you for some reason.

B. You don’t enjoy it.

Those sum up about any real reason.

Its a joke. You should never stop yoyoing.

fine. you know you should stop yo-yoing when…

you die.

…when you really need to sleep and you realize it’s 4am
…when you’re already in the bathtub (after taking the chothes with the other hand)
…when you go to the cinema
…when someone is talking to you about something really serious
…when you break your hand or your arm. Wait, scratch this one if your other arm is fine
…when you take too many time to post something on a forum with just one hand… ;D

When your nose is still bleeding from the last time you were yoyoing.

You need to stop (temporarily) when:

  1. your house is on fire and you’re still inside it
  2. it’s 3am and you have to be up at 6 for work
  3. the tip of your throwing finger starts to turn a peculiar shade of blue/black

Permanent quitting of yoyoing may only be undertaken upon death.



When your hands are bleeding from string burn



When you are dead you are should probably take a break for the day but when you wake up you can keep throwing.

Really, the only time you should stop is when you just don’t feel it anymore. Pushing something you don’t enjoy on yourself will just cause more stress.

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But since when should anyone NOT enjoy throwing?

When they get bored of it? Not everyone likes to yoyo at all times.

When there’s a bomb right in front of u

a great time to yoyo is when your skiing :wink:

noooooo you have to yoyo and snowboard at the same time

Can anybody think of some random ideas on when you should quit/stop for a long time?
This is just a joke, once you pick up a yoyo you will never stop.
(already said this but,) When your grandma says you are bad.