That scary moment


have you ever thought of that moment that could have gotten you to stop throwing. mine was getting my first yo yo i almost bought an unresponsive one i would not have known how to bind and i would have probably gave up then.


to STOP throwing?!
Well, I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a while before and though about stopping yoyoing.
The pain was insane sometimes.
Sadly, I’d rather stop throwing than have that pain all the time.
But now, it’s gone.
Happily throwing again :slight_smile:


when I almost didn’t buy my first actual yoyo my fast 201 because I thought it was too expensive


I unfortunately did stop throwing. I first picked up a yoyo back in the early thousands, before youtube, when you had to search putfile/megaupload for videos.

Bought my first yoyo, a Yomega Xodus 2, and after having my knuckles busted and bruised a hundred times, then losing one of the washers from inside, I just gave up.

One of my biggest regrets, I had the opportunity to be part of the yoyoing “golden years” and was put off because I bought, and broke, the wrong yoyo.


I hope my hands or fingers never get maimed, then I couldn’t yoyo, bowl or play guitar.


Nothing so far but probably any physical impedance would be the cause for sure