Yoyoers anomynous

Not that ANY of us want to stop yoyoing, but pretend your at a meeting for yoyoers and tell us your yoyo story! How you started, any funny or interesting yoyo stories, or anything!

Well its a really long story but here goes nothing:

I picked up a yoyo and started playing with it one day.

sigh that was tough!

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long story ahead.

My friend and I were at a party, somebody had found one of those reposted videos from worlds titled “yoyo king!!!” or something like that. He went around showing everybody this video. My friend and I both saw it, and thought it was cool. Both of us (independently mind you) went home and looked up yo-yoing. found some more videos. I found some basic beginner tutorials and, with a terrible random plastic I found, started to try it out. the yoyo was so bad, it barely even worked, so I couldn’t do much.

I ordered some yomega that had a bearing and basic capabilities, and found the expertvillage yoyo tutorials that andre made, and started out. this was about the time that my friend and I found out that we were both interested in learning and started to work together at it. we still were not really into the community, even though we knew about a few companies and knew about contests and stuff. by the end of a few months we each had a yoyofactory plastic and were starting to figure it out, but for some reason we were both reeeeaaaaally slow at learning.

At the end of the school year, we both moved to a new school, which didn’t leave to much time for yoyoing and we both stopped for a year. After we adjusted, we picked yoyoing back up. This time we fully got into the community and were actually learning difficult tricks easily. We both got expensive metals, and a year later we both are pretty good.

That’s all guys.

I got my first quality yoyo in about 6th grade and it was a yomega yoyo with a brain. One of the counselors at my summer camp had one and I just had to get one. My parents obliged and it started. I yoyoed for about 2 years learning several easy tricks. Then my yoyos were put away and not used again until this year. At 27 and now a teacher of students with behavior problems I found my yoyos at the house and took them to work. I am always looking for a way to create interest in the classroom. I started doing the simple tricks I knew and the kids loved it. So, for about the last three months I have been yoyoing and getting better. I love it and am happy that I am learning a new skill that can use in the classroom.

About 2 or 3 years ago, i got a Fireball for christmas. I got my friend hooked on yoyoing with me. We both started doing walk the dog and stuff like that, until he saw a video on the trapeze online. We were both amazed and spent 2 months on it. 2 months! (That seems so pathetic now…haha) A few days after I finally got trapeze down, my fireball broke. I kept asking and asking my mom to get me a new one, but she didn’t cave, so i stopped yoyoing. For about 2 1/2- 3 years. Then about 2 or 3 months ago I got a diablo at a garage sale. I used it for a day, but it broke. I really wanted to start learning diablo again, but while I was looking for one online i came across a few tutorials on 1a, and then I really wanted another yoyo, so I looked up on ebay “yoyo” and got alot of yomegas (which i dont use anymore) a few cheap YYF plastics, and 2 protostars and a northstar. I started practicing the trapeze and got it really fast. I then found this website, and got through the intermediate section, and about half of the advanced section. I now am ubsessed with yoyoing and can’t stop. Thanks yoyoexpert! Andre Boulay, you are one of the awesomest people in the world.

Saw someone yoyoing at my piano theory class. It kinda blew my mind, and I thought to myself “I could do that!” A year later, looking back, I think “I’m way better than that kid!” ;D

I was in second grade, and ‘Dazzling’ Dave Schulte came to my school. He did a show, and I got into it. I started taking lessons, and I got good over the summer. I started competing in third grade. I’m now going into ninth grade and still throwing!

Hello, I’m Dank and I’m a yo-yo addict!

I started throwing yo-yo’s at age 13… I was hooked on Duncan Imperials. I used to hang around the backs of convenience stores just to get a fix. I sold my grandmothers TV for a Henry’s Viper! It was too much… The guilt got to me. I knew it was time to stop, I just couldn’t. Luckily I managed to quit a while after high school. With the help of family and close friends in an Anti-Yo Yo intervention.

After drinking a few too many beers one night I snuck out and secretly bought a Yomega Panther. I would throw it a few times here and there, but always kept it in check and under the radar… Until I was driving home from work late, I stopped by a park and threw my Yomega for four hours straight. I drove home and was under the influence of yo-yo (DUIYY). I almost ran over a family of naked mole rats! This reality check sobered me up… So I quit again. This time for good I told myself! This time for good!!

I would often at times find myself inexplicably driving by toy stores and kite shops. I could almost smell them. I would get panic attacks when I would see packaged butterflies and imperials. It was a rough time but I thought, I had kicked the habit.

Years later I found my boy throwing yo-yo’s, he had found in an old shoe box!! My old shoe box!! He told me, he started throwing them because of me!!! It was too late for him he was now addicted, and looking for more high-end yo’s. It brought out my addiction from the past, that had never truly left. And unfortunately now the downward spiral is out of control! We have both moved on to smoking Hybrid and Designer metal throws. It’s terrible… We have been doing thing, terrible things… We eat processed meats to afford our habit!

Thanks for listening.


HAHA this made my day! :slight_smile:

Well, I went to Williamsburg over the summer, and got a classic shaped fixed fixed axle. It didn’t even sleep. So I was doing these palm down throws and forward passes. So then, when I got back, I went on a quest for a better yoyo. I got a Duncan Bumblebee and was totally astounded that it could sleep. So, I started doing loops and picture tricks and hop the fences, but I was still throwing palm down. So, I decided to learn the trapeze. But, my breakaways would only work half the time! Well, eventually I got my yoyo going the right way, and got the breakaway and basic throw. Hahaha… Then for Christmas I got a Velocity. Then for my birthday a DV888 and Raptor. Now I’m trying to learn the last part of And Whut. On an unrelated subject, my Raptor’s one side’s axle grippy hole stripped. Now what?

get loctite make sure it says thread locking and it the blue kind.

Life stories are usually TL;DR, but what the heck!

I took up yoyoing when I was like 11 after my parents bought me and my brother a “wild yo yo man” dvd in Tesco (supermarket)…I practically fainted when I saw him do split the atom. I set my lifes goal to learn it but I never could really get the hang of even the split bottom mount and eventually I just stopped. Twist the Atom was my mecca, the unreachable goal, never to be attained… but I vowed myself that one day I would learn it.

I took it up again when I was like 16 or so after stumbling across a of Mickey’s 2006 Worlds performance on youtube, but I had no knowledge of unresponsive play and ended up with a Yomega Xodus 2 (seemed like a good idea at the time). After a couple of weeks of frustration and busted knuckles, the damn thing came apart when I was throwing it and I lost one of the washers from inside. At that point I just gave up again. I still couldn’t split that atom.

Fast forward 7 years or so to earlier this year. I was sitting at my desk at work, when all of a sudden “YoYoFactory” just came into my head. I vaguely recalled the name from checking up on the yoyo scene a few years back and for some unknown reason, it just popped into my head. I knew nothing about them, just the name.

So a swift trip to google and there I was, the yoyofactory website. A few flicks through the website and a couple of youtube videos and the fire within me was rekindled a hundredfold. A bit more googling and there I was on the YoYoExpert website. After reading through hundreds of forum threads and reviews of many yoyo models, as well as asking the traditional questions “what is the best yoyo?” (lawl), I bought me a Protostar and a Superstar.

The excitement was such that I couldn’t wait the 3 days or so for my throws to be shipped from America, so I picked up a DM2 from a UK website and got next day delivery. (talk about eager…)

I de-capped my DM2, popped in my unresponsive bearing, and hallelujah! No more busted knuckles!

A few days later, my YYE package turned up. The DM2 was swiftly shelved and I resolved myself to use the Protostar first and not open the Superstar until I was good enough to appreciate it. Unresponsive play was a revelation to me and for the first time I felt like I could actually learn. I started watching tutorials and eventually, after a week or so and to incredible joy and pride, I threw my first successful split the atom. I had completed my childhood goal.

…Of course by that point, I realised that Split the Atom, “the pinnacle of yoyo tricks”, was in the “beginner” section of most tutorials and that I had a looong way to go.

I improved, and a few months later I anxiously opened my Superstar. Well, it was so damn smooth that the second I threw it, I picked up my phone and texted my brother telling him how smooth it was, haha. I’ll never remember that feeling of the first throw of a good metal…

Since then yoyos have taken up most of my time and fair bit of my bank account. This time, I’m completely hooked and gunning for the UK Nationals and then maybe one day the EYYC stage inspiring others in the same way that Hiroyuki inspired me…

…and I owe it all to the name “YoYoFactory”.

Ben, I owe you a drink.

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ohhh good, I thought I was the only one who stopped yoyoing for a while…I guess everyone does for there own reasons.

I started a few years ago, got a good throw and learmed trapeze and then restarted 3 months ago.

I started out at around the late 90’s when Yo-Hans came over to promote what was essentially a sport almost no one ever heard of in the country. My first throw was a Proyo II, and i learned some basic tricks and then ‘stopped’ when i was about 12.

When i was 14, a bunch of locals were promoting Super Yoyo, based on a manga showing on the telly. I picked up a Super Yoyo and played for the next year and picked up some great friends, and by that time i was exposed to Duncan (and Steve Brown came to one of the APYYCs and i was very excited!). Our meets were held in a mall every Saturday and i made it a point to be there as much as i could. I ‘stopped’ again after APYYC 2004 due to school exams and stuff.

Fast forward to two months ago, a friend of mine told me he wanted to buy a Surge. To which i said “what the heck, get me one”. Since i now have a job to pay for my throws, i’m back in the business! Spent money on 5 metals within those two months.

I saw an old Hiroyuki Suzuki video on YT and decided to learn how to do sweet yoyo tricks.

I went to Ocean City, NJ and on the boardwalk, they have something called Family Nite! On every Thursday, a little Kite Shop there has a yoyo performance and a few contests (kendama, clackers, yoyos, freestyle, diablo, etc.) I saw Shane Karan there with his performances, off string, 1A, 2A, just blew me away.

I asked my dad if I could have a yoyo. He said yes and I got a pretty nice Black Mamba and I stopped for 5 years. (Personal Issues) I went back to New Jersey and saw Shane again, I got a one and a fireball, and a size c bearing. Shane taught me trapeze and I wasn’t allowed into the beginner. I got kind of annoyed and I thought “I’ll show them” now after one year, I walkin’ around nailin’ trapeze and jade whip :wink:

Haha goofd! Is the kite shop called air circus? Ive heard of it but ive never been there. Its only a few hours away from me though.

I started when I was 4. My parents had buy me a profly for some kind of celebration that I don’t remember. I couldn’t make it come back to my hand after it sleeps so my mother tied a knot on the wooden axle so it would automatically come back to my hand. I played like that for like one weekend with my cousin who could do rock the baby (he was considered a yoyo-god at that time for me). Then I didn’t play for like 7 years. Each year, for charity, my parents and I look for some old toys in my room to give. That’s where I have found my old Profly. So I’ve begin to practice gravity pull and forward pass by watching some yomega videos on YouTube. Because of the short sleeping I wasn’t able to make all the tricks so I have buy an yomega XP BRAIN. Still haven’t learn anything because the transaxle turned unresponsive (I blamed it on me not on the oil) and at the time I didn’t know that communities like yoyo expert existed. A friend of mine which I got into yoyoing had buy a fireball. I trade my XP BRAIN with his fireball and that’s where I learned stuff. Becoming a yoyo star at my school by doing walk the dog still surprise me now. When it turned unresponsive, I didn’t now yet about yoyo communities, I stopped for one year where after I’ve buy a new fireball that also turned unresponsive and I stopped for one year again. 3 months ago my family was planning a “around the world” travel for one year by cleaning up the house I had found my fireballs. But this time I had an idea! Using olive oil as lubricant! It worked but I didn’t try it very long cause I had ordered a ONE and a Surge it’s with those that I’ve really started yoyoing. I’m planning to get a Cerberus in the next two days in my around the world travel.