Yomega ambassodor

I am now a yomega ambassodor. I just wanted to know what you get in the box as you start being one. I have not gotten it in the mail yet it was shipped yesterday. What will be in there. Also if I get the glide is it a good throw.

You got sponsored by Yomega and you have no clue what you’re getting? Why not ask them?

It’s probably one or two of each of their throws, maybe a Kendama… I really don’t know…

Actually, if you contact Fellavader on here, he can probably tell you, he is a Yomega Ambassador also.

Hey guys I just contacted them they r sending me 11 free throws including the glide and the maverick any details about how good or bad the glide is would be great Idk much about the glide and can’t find anything online

It’s a great stable yoyo, very underrated…

Why did you accept becoming an Ambassador before ever trying the glide?

I heard it was pretty good and I like yomega

How did you become one?

Becoming a Yomega ambassador is super easy. Basically just ask and show them a video of you doing 1a that isn’t total garbage.

How good do you have to be?

You don’t have to be very good i’ve heard. By forum standards that is.

Yeah - I’m not that good and I’ve been offered a place. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you could be one. Just send a video of you doing like…Spirit Bomb or something. Followed by a braintwister combo. You’re a shoe in.

Here’s footage of an actual Yomega ambassador.

I’m not tryna hate or anything. It’s just not very prestigious.

Were you put on the website yet?

Wow…A sponsored player that doen’t know how their company’s new model plays…

But about the skill level I think that I might be able to make it in and I’ve been throwing for 8 months

So basically they let anyone who can do modern tricks in? Makes me wonder why there aren’t a billion ambassadors…

Iif your are happy, good for you. Ignore the nay-sayers and trash talkers.
Give the guy a break, perhaps asking may have felt ungrateful or pushy. Let the kid have a moment of pride before ya’ll take him down…


@OP Why do you ask something like this in a forum? I mean, you can just ask Yomega directly…
A post like this will only draw haters.

Just so you guys know it’s very rude to say something like these. Ambassadors are not equal to team Yomega, and the skill level is not a parameter to let people in or not. In fact, the skill level quite varies each player, and Yomega help them to grow better and better. You may call it a “noob” team or whatever but you rarely seen a company as big as Yomega willing to support players that is even new to yoyoing. Mostly just sponsor a bunch of ‘cool’ guys with high enough skill to tear up the clickers, why not support the ones who don’t?
I mean, I thought people said yoyoing is for fun.
just my 2 cents…


Thereis no team yomega just ambassadors someone with the last name diets is on it and Adam lord those are the best on our team

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Rylan is good. Rizki is an ambassador too I think and his 1a is amazing.

Personally, I think Rizki could do better but to each his own.

Actually team Yomega still exists. Chun Hay Chan, Liu Man Ki, Hiraku Fujii, Ryuya Kaneko, etc just to name them… but the official team Yomega USA doesn’t exist at the moment.

I would like to add that Adam Lord is an AWESOME guy and an AWESOME yoyoer… two reason why he is with Yomega!!!