Yomega Ambassador?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if I should make an audition to become a Yomega ambassador (they posted about on their Facebook page). I don’t really like their yoyos but I kinda want to try out just for fun, but if I make the cut, I’ll have to use their yoyos. I don’t know about their metal yoyos, though. I’ve never tried them. I want to try out, but I don’t want to be restricted to only Yomega yoyos. Thanks everyone.

If you don’t really like the company don’t try to get sponsered by them trust me I learned nuff said

First, yomega wouldn’t restrict you to only using their yoyos. They would prefer that you use them if you competed or whatever, but you can use whatever.
2nd, go take a look at Ed Haponik’s 66 rules of yoyoing.

“21. don’t accept sponsorship from a company you don’t absolutely love.”

If you don’t like the company or their yoyos, why would you want to be sponsored by them?

I got sponsored by Yomega as an Ambassador because i like Yomega, i always have. They’re holding auditions for another Ambassador to look for more players to compete and represent for Yomega. If you don’t like the current yoyos i wouldn’t worry about trying out, It’s up to you whether you want to try out or not though just remember getting sponsored to get sponsored ruins it if you don’t enjoy the products they already have out.

You don’t have to use their yoyos everywhere you go, only for videos and if you’re competing as a sponsored player, i think that goes for a lot of other companys you won’t be tied down to play with just that company’s yoyos if you’re just at home yoyoing.

New yoyos are in production though, the new 2012 Maverick just came out for C size bearing with the choice of getting a Dif-E-Yo KK bearing to switch out the stock bearing i use it all the time it’s really good and i use the KK you can get with it. A C size Dash will be coming out soon as well along with 2 other new advanced 1a metals, so just be on the look out. :slight_smile:

i dream of being a yomega ambassador… id take the chance, just silicone mod the dash

Wish I was good enough to apply for a sponsorship with anyone…

ha ethan me too… me too…

Uhh… Being a “Yomega Ambassador” isn’t something to write home about… I know a while back that was something they had on their website you just applied for, lol… All they want you to do is think that you must make videos using their yoyos, meaning you must go and buy a Yomega yoyo. Post a video of you using said yoyo and if you happen to be half-way decent then everyone that sees your video will think that buying a Yomega yoyo will make you a decent yo’er…

Think about it man. You are not being sponsored by a yoyo company.

Honestly I entered the contest for a few reasons:

  1. I really love their 2A yoyos, and I’m mostly do 1A and 2A
  2. Basically I can use any 1A yoyos, also they said to me that they’re going to release new 1A yoyos in the future, so there should be nothing wrong with it, hopefully…
  3. They are willing to pay the contest fee around here under some circumstances.

reason 2 is a bit turn me down though, but it doesn’t matter really…

Yomega send you yoyos just like any other sponsor. I competed at Indiana States for Yomega. They want me to compete at Triple Crown in Chicago. I’m even supposed to do a toy fair in August for Yomega with one of the other Ambassadors. If that’s not a sponsorship i don’t know what is. :slight_smile:

I love being apart of Yomega, no matter what people say about 'em. The newer version of the Maverick is perfect for me. That and the Kerrari. When Yomega releases the Prodigy and Sentinel this year, that’ll be a plus. :slight_smile:

Like dynikus said,

Best advice. :slight_smile:

The selling point to me is the 2A aspect. Though I’m still not good at 2A, once I get better at it I might give this a shot. I’m with Rizki on this one.

Hi there,
yomega won’t kill you for using another throw. and being an ambassador has been a wonderful experience,

Yomega Ambassador Colter

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Yomega had been great to me. Got plenty of free YoYos to demo with and they paid for my registration to MA states. The new Glide is awesome and they got more Elite Metals coming out soon.

I say you should.

Yomega make great yoyos 2,3 days ago the came out with a new competition style yoyo called the glide($80)

Given the chance I would love to be sponsored by them any day in fact I have only bought Yomega yoyos I like them so much.

I’m not positive but if you sponsors you can buy other yoyos just when your in a competition or videoing to use there yoyos. And recommend them to frends

Also (still not positive) I think the send you a new yoyos when they come out free

Did you happen to read the other comments here before you posted? :wink:

I kinda wouldnt mind being on Yomega…

Entering, good luck everyone​:dollar::dollar::smoking: