Yeti vs. Yeti

There’s two types of Yetis out there: coloreds and blacks. Now anyone who grew up in the 1940s may be be confused, but not to worry, I’ll work you through this.

Many people who have played both kind have sworn that the colored Yetis play better than the black ones, but why is that? From my calcu-surements, the black Yetis weigh less than the colored ones (more on that later). This gives them a much quicker feeling while making the colored ones play a little heftier.

The colored Yetis also seem to play a bit smoother. I’m not sure if this due to the increased weight or the greater attention to detail that Chris and Chuck gave them. Either way, it plays a little butterier than the black ones.

Personally, I’m a fan of the black Yetis. They cost less and play nice and light, not to mention that the best color for a yoyo is black.

And yeah, I had to try this out:

I did some more precise measurements on the weight of my Yetis. I don’t have the nicest digital scale, and though it measures down to a hundredth of a gram, I’m not sure how accurate it is.

(Weights are with bearing, axle, and no string)

Light gray - 70.01g, 70.25g
Black - 68.57g, 68.79g
Blue - 69.60g, 70.77g
Purple - 69.52g, 69.13g
Khaki: 68.55g

If you have a precise scale and a Yeti, I’d love your input!


Thanks for the review.

But can you compare it to the Rally?


Half and Halfs are my favorite :slight_smile:

How would the half and half compare to the same color yetis? Does that make sense?

There’s very little difference between the two types of Yetis in the first place so the half and half basically just split the difference. It felt like both, haha.

The black one or the colored one???

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I heard every color is slightly different in weight

Ooh that’s interesting.

Everyone weigh your Yeti.

I’m not a drug dealer or a jeweler so I have no use for a scale that weighs in fractions of a gram but my cheapy kitchen scale that I use to weigh my food has my light blue Yeti at 69 grams.

Never knew the black Yeti was lighter, sorta interested in trying one now, although the slow heftfloat is probably the main thing I love about the Yeti, so the increase in speed in the black might not be for me. If these ever actually come to YYE for $40 again I’ll likely pick one up with my next string order.

Unrelated, but I hope red or white are available at some point in the future. I think you mentioned the same thing either here or on FB, but the “light grey” is sort of disappointing relative to how I imagined it would look based on the CLYW pictures. Really glad I went with blue.

I also used a food scale to weigh mine, but I’ve got a more accurate scale that measures in xx.xx grams, I believe. I’ll go weigh both of mine.

Oh, and for the sake of consistency, how did you weigh yours, oops? I first weighed both Yetis (string, bearing, axle and all) and then disassembled them and weighed just a half of each. My results were pretty consistent - the black Yeti weighed about 2 grams lighter, though I suspect it’s closer to 1.5 grams.

Can you compare the half and half to the red Rally with red rings. I heard red is the fastest spinning because red is the fastest color. Also, please use red string and be sure to wear a lab coat while you do the comparison if you want to be taken seriously and stuff.


I would, but I only have a no Rally with none rings.

Plus I misplaced my lab goggles. Safety first.

And yellow string is the only true string. WWJT? He’d throw with yellow string…

And be sure to use lab string of some kind, otherwise the lab coat is meaningless.

Also I think people prefer the colored ones more because they are heavily lubed and give you the illusion of it being smoother

You should never weigh a yo-yo with the string attached because the string is not part of the spinning mass and strings themselves vary in weight.

They were both brand new neon yellow Type 2 YYSL strings so I think I’m okay.

I also reweighed both in a couple different configurations and got the same results.

But were you wearing a lab coat when you weighed them?

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String off, whole assembled yoyo. Weighed it 10 times and turned the scale off after each attempt since I don’t fully trust my cheap scale. 69g on 9/10 attempts, 70g on one attempt.

Out of curiosity, do you happen to know what your food scale cost? I wanted Santa to get me a better food scale that could weigh in fractions of a gram for Christmas but I stopped looking when the $50-80 ones I looked at on Amazon still only weighed in whole grams and decided my janky $10 one was good enough for my purposes. Wanting fractions of a gram is literally only for yoyos cuz I’m fairly obsessive about weighing them.

Not sure. It was a gift from my brother’s girlfriend to him. But it only weighs in whole grams. You can get a decent yoyo-sized scale online for $20. They’re usually listed as jeweler’s scales.

Yessss, life is good, .01 to 100g scale ordered. Good thing I’m single right now or else my future ex gf would probably have me locked up in a padded room after I seeing me spend what will likely be at least an hour weighing every single yoyo I own.

Now I just need some more Yetis.