Yeti 2 quick few words


First, I am a noob. I got my Yeti 2 yesterday. Got the Salmon color. I love the color because it stands out when playing. The weight feel is about right for someone like me/skill level. It comes with a concave bearing that is pretty dang quiet. The break pads, IMO are great. I really like the feel of the material. It is a little slippery though. The Yeti 2 is big. I compared to my Big Dipper, Cabal, Yeti 1, Replay Pro and Dark Magic 2. What I mean by bigger is diameter one on top of the other. If you like smaller throws this isn’t for you other than a nice addition to a collection.

In closing, noobs will really love the large size. It makes it easier to land on the string. Also, the width of the gap allows more “strings” to be there much easier. Well, I hope this helps someone on the fence about buying one.


Thanks Tim! That is some good information to know. I am hoping to pick one up sometime soon.

Take care

I noticed you said you had the cabal. I was looking into that yoyo and was wondering what your thought were on it?

I have the cabal hands down the best plastic/delrin I have ever thrown. I highly recommend it to anyone!