One Drop Cabal


Got mine today from YYE with their nice 10% discount. As soon as I took it out of the box I was saying OMG! The delrin is like a babies bottom. First throw I could not feel any vibe. It is so ssmmooootth! I am a beginner to intermediate level player. Take my review based on that. It is just a gorgeous yoyo. When I threw it it was very stable. It was as stable as any metals I have. The highest level I have is a SPYY. I have a Shutter, YYJ Theory and a DM II. I am sure I am missing a couple.

I forgot to mention the bearing sounds gritty and loud within a few minutes of playing.

I threw it into a break away and it was just smooth a butter. Binds are very good. The delrin keeps from the pain having a cracked hand. LOL I think I will start using this as my primary throw. I would recommend this throw to anyone. I guarantee you will be disappointed.

I can’t wait to see what the more experienced players think.



Thanks for sharing! I’ve heard many good stuff about the Cabal. Hopefully one day I’ll get one :grin:


Well worth it my friend. Wait until YYE has a sale. I got mine with a 10% discount. I am looking around for some more experienced players to see what they say.

Now I have to wait for my Yeti 2.0! Hurry hurry.


It’s a really terrific yoyo. Great to hear that you’re enjoying yours!