OneDrop Cabal or Crucial Cream?


(Not sure if this is the right spot for this)
Was just wondering what people think is the better yoyo overall, because they look pretty even to me as far as customer appreciation wise.


Haven’t played a Cabal, but I plan to in a month. The cream was a really cool organic delrin, but they are pretty difficult to get a hold of. I’ve only seen one available on the BST in the last year, so for that reason I’m going to say Cabal.


Never played a Cream but spent some good time on my friend’s Cabal, wonderful yoyo! I meant to get one at BAC but didn’t have enough cash (One Drop booth was cash only). When they do drop though I’ll be ready for one!


I have a black cabal and its amazing. I want to get a white one when they come out. They are very smooth and comfortable in the hand. Great spin time and just all around enjoyable to throw.


The Cream was an terrific yoyo, but it’s quite a bit smaller in diameter than the Cabal, and is really not as powerful a yoyo. I think it makes more sense to compare the Cabal to the Milk, which had a comparable diameter. The Milk was and is a fantastic yoyo. One of the best plastics ever. It improved dramatically over the Eric Wolff/Alchemy Silk yoyo, which was great for it’s time, but has way too much center weight by today’s standards, and was also a bit light.

Where the Cabal beats the Milk, though, is in weight distribution, shape of the gap, and stability. I loved the Milk, but always found it a little prone to tilting. Part of the reason the Cabals isn’t is because it’s got more of its weight at the rims. Also, the shape of the gap wall above the response groove is a big improvement – this is a design innovation that reduces string rub against the response and that was developed a couple years after the Milk and Cream were designed.

Anywho, the Cabal is totally baller. I’ve been hooked since the prototype, and the production run is even better. Definitely the best plastic I’ve played.