Thoughts on OD's Cabal?

Well as my Birthday nears, my wife gave me the option to order a new yoyo. My collection of USA made throws is growing. Mainly One Drop. Plastic ones are super fun to me. Most recent is 2Sicks Pawn. I know they are 2 different types of plastic if you will, but does anyone have any words on the Cabal?

The Cabal is without a doubt, one of the best plastic yoyo’s ever made. An absolute joy to play!

Right on! In the store here under Cabal options there is standard or tumbled. What are they talking about here?

I believe the ones they are calling “tumbled” have the Pyramatte ‘matte’ finish which is better for

Oh okay yeah. What do you like the black or white?

Black v white is always going to be a personal preference type of thing. They both look good, but FWIW I prefer the white. White Delrin looks sweet in my book.

Obviously the color is not going to affect the play. But the White one just(to me) makes a better visual statement. And it is definitely easier to see in low light situations. The soft white look matches the delightful feel you can only realize with the material.

To me, when done right; Delrin just has the most amazing feel in the hand and in the air.

The Cabal will be hard to top when choosing a delrin or celcon yoyo. There are other plastic yoyos; no doubt.

But if you want to add to your One Drop Arsenal; you cant do better in plastic.

Ive enjoyed messing with Delrin in my modding adventures for many, many years.

My 2002 and 2003 World Yoyo Modding Contest winning yoyos both were part Delrin. And my 2004 Contest entry was entirely Delrin; including the bearing based spinning tips.

But I Never came up with anything like the Cabal🤓

Especially at the pricepoint… just an Great playing yoyo.

Mine is white…

But… you could buy a black and a white one​:scream_cat::scream_cat: and make a Tuxedo Cabal. Some people dont care for two tones… but the 2 tone Cabal yoyo looks pretty sweet also.


Once again yoyodoc thanks for great words! Im going to go with white! Looks so nice!

I have always liked the black/white combo for my delrin yoyo’s. I have some Milks setup that way too.
I like the way the extreme contrast switches sides with every throw. Really awesome with loopers too. 8)

The cabal is indeed one of the best plastic yoyo’s i have played so far. I would buy it again any time.