One Drop Yo-Yos Cabal


With the Rally, our first plastic yo-yo, we started with injection molded polycarbonate halves (outsourced to a factory in the U.S.) and then finished them off in the machines at our shop. The end result was great, but we are always looking for ways to improve. Our expertise is in machining, so when talks of a second plastic yo-yo began, we knew there was only one way to do it. Machining the entirety of the yo-yo out of bars of Delrin in house.

First discovered in the 1920s by Herman Staudinger, who received the 1953 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Polyoxymethylene(POM), also known as Delrin, didn’t become commercially available until the 1960s. Used extensively in the automotive and consumer electronics industry, it is now the foundation of our second plastic yo-yo, the Cabal.

The Cabal boasts a rounded and classic profile, similar to yo-yos from days past, but with all the modern play we’ve grown accustomed to. Inside, you’ll find familiarity within the axle system - it’s the same one we pioneered in the Rally but with an all new flat hub for that clean and sleek look. Since Delrin is less dense than aluminum, the entire body of the yo-yo was designed to be a little thicker than usual giving everyone who throws it just a little more to love. Feel that diamond cut finish as it rests in the palm of your hand. The Cabal will satisfy your nostalgia for plastic but won’t hold you back with it’s refreshing modern refinement and play.

Weight: 67.1 grams
Width: 44.7 mm
Diameter: 56.6 mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.25 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Machined Delrin
Axle System: Custom machined nuts and inserts

Coming to YoYoExpert later this month!



PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


The same day I get an amazingly lovely gauntlet in the mail and fall in love, one of two yoyos I have been waiting on come out. Time to draw some cash… On a side note, what are the base strings that come with One Drops? I like the one on the gauntlet a lot but I have a package of Kitty to try after that one wears out.


Worlds shortest review.

When the Cabal drops… Get one!

I got a chance to try one this morning. For 30 minutes I said nothing. I just kept smiling and shaking my head👍

Simply outstanding.

(yoyobro!) #5

What will the price be?


$59 for black and white. If we are able to do other colors in the future they will be somewhat more expensive (colored delrin costs more than black and white)


Bought one at BAC and I love it. It is such an amazing yoyo. I’m amazed every time I throw it. I know I did not say much info on it. But as yoyodoc said. Get one. You guys will love it. I’m considering buying a white one.


Best delrin yoyo I’ve ever played. Can’t wait to hear what people think of it.


Very cool looking…!! I’ve been waiting for a new One Drop plastic :o

Any half and half’s? …Half black, half white going to be available too??


I hope so! I’ve seen a few people take pictures of panda color ones. It looks sick!

They could call it the Yin/Yang or Panda colors!