One Drop Cabal: A High Speed YoYo Review

For the longest time, players have been asking the big companies to make a plastic yo-yo. Specifically, they wanted a Delrin yo-yo. Delrin, one of the brand names for polyoxymethylene (POM for short), is a medical grade plastic used in many manufacturing industries such as auto, consumer electronics, and my favorite paintball. Here is the thing about Delrin yo-yos, and I have covered this in the past, they are not necessarily going to be cheaper than an aluminum due to the fact that the material still needs to be machined like a metal yo-yo, and machining costs money. This tends to be an issue because most people equate plastic to being “low cost” and that just is not the case. The Cabal will be One Drop’s first, fully in house, machined plastic model. We have seen what they have done with aluminum (6061 and 7076), titanium, as well as the polycarbonate shells that they outsourced to a US based plastics shop. Will they be able to pull off the tight tolerances and smooth play with a material that is extremely finicky to machine?

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I love delrin. I have an original milk that I used to throw a lot. Just ordered this as my first new throw in nearly 5 years!

I bet you will rarely throw the milk if ever - after you try the Cabal
I think out of the entire milk series, the 2% plays the best…still not as awesome as the Cabal though 8)

Yeah I have since traded the milk lol!