Help with plastics!

Should I get a magic yoyo skyva, or a yeti 2?
What are your thoughts?

Have people gotten their yeti’s? Skyva is fantastic.

Pretty sure nobody, outside of “friends and family” has a Yeti 2 yet. I think Worlds is the release date.

That said, I’d get a Yeti 2 just because of the cool coke bottle green.

Skyva is great. No idea yet on how the Yeti 2 plays

I’d go with the Yeti 2 first as I’m thinking that the Skyva will always be fairly available and cheaper.

There’s no shortage of the big dipper as i can see right now, so i don’t really see why there should be any shortage of the Yeti 2… Same production method, same materials…

I just got the yeti 2 and the skyva, both are completely different. they both are unique in how they play. the yeti 2 is big but doesn’t feel like it’s too heavy and has a bit of a floaty feeling on the string. the skyva is a solid throw, the weight distribution gives an extra boost in spin. Both yoyos spin very smooth so you don’t have to worry about that. the skyva does have that finger spin advantage if you’re into that. In conclusion you can’t go wrong with either one, it all depends on your play style and preferences really.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the advice

I haven’t played the Skyva yet though it looks fantastic. The new Yeti is also amazing though it is big so up to you if that’s a positive or not.